Supporting Local Musicians

Supporting Local Musicians

my big fat jam collaboration video

Supporting Local Musicians

Supporting Local Musicians

I am a huge fan of the local music scene here in Orangeville and I fully believe inSupporting Local Musicians.  We are blessed with so many talented artists and bands that give us a great gift - music.  I believe that music creates a sense of community, offers happiness, joy, and love.  I'm sure wherever you live you can relate to sitting enjoying some live music in a local restaurant, pub or music festival.

It is May 2020, and we are in the middle of a Pandemic.  Bars, taprooms, pubs, and events are all closed and or cancelled.  There are no music festivals, or Thursday live music at the Mad Hatter.  Our beloved local performers are suffering.  And I'm so inspired to share this article with you today after seeing this video.  I would love this to be shared far and wide to create awareness for our local musicians.

At Dufferin Media we are so lucky to have one of our very own team members part of a local band - Ryan Hancock is one of the Campfire Poets.  If you are from Orangeville or the surrounding area you have most certainly heard them play at one of our local events such as Ribfest.  They always draw big crowds and have everyone singing along and dancing!

Ryan was recently inspired to do a video collaboration "Since so many musicians are out of work right now, I wanted to do something to bring a bunch of them together, just to have a chance to play with others again, and get some of the exposure they are missing without live shows."

My Big Fat Jam

This first video in a series of collaboration videos was the work of many musicians from Ontario and took over 100 hours to complete!

The purpose of the video is to celebrate music and use music to come together as a community.

There is nothing for sale here.  Their only goal is to raise awareness.


About the Video:  The musicians all reside in Ontario, with the exception of Tim McIntosh, who was a staple of the Orangeville music scene, until he recently moved to the United States with his Wife and their children. The video features Orangeville musicians Ryan Hancock, Geoff Canlett, and Dennis Hahn from The Campfire Poets, Rich Bruck and Cindy Pell from Pellenbruck, Erick Bruck from Starting Mercy, Heather Katz, Martin Sakar of Soul Collective, Russ Morrow and Natalie Zuccarone. Other musicians include Nathan Smith (Barrel Boys), Aaron Solomon, Thom Speck (Screeched Inn), Dave La Fame, Tim MacIntosh (Apple Jam), Dean Woods (Bottoms Up) Evan Cameron (Cameron & Cameron) Neil Virgoe (Woodshed Howlers) and Mike Paterson (Captain Firebutton) Ryan Hancock created bed tracks, and sent them to Erick and Dave to lay the foundation, then once that was mixed, the bed track was sent out to the rest of the musicians. Nobody besides Ryan heard anyone else’s parts until the final product was released. It took about 100 hours to mix the audio and edit the video.

Stay tuned, more videos are in the works, and a total of 45 different musicians are standing by to help spread the love.  #MusicTogether #StrongerTogether


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