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Revisit your Goals on a Regular Basis

Many business owners, such as myself, have goals for our business.  Goals for growth, increased revenue, success.  Most business owners, myself included, usually will write down our goals at the beginning of each year, and then often forget about them.  What I have found to be incredibly useful in my own business is to make…
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Do you have goals for May?

What is your goal for May?

Day #126/365 : Always Set Goals! It’s already May 10th – but just wondering if you set a goal for your business or for yourself personally each month? Perhaps you have goals on how many new social media followers you would like for the month on each platform? I always set a sales goal in…
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Do you have a Digital Marketing Strategy

What is a Digital Marketing Strategy? A digital marketing strategy is an overview of all of your marketing efforts on the internet. It can include but not be limited to website marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, pay per click advertising, blogging, email marketing, social listening, review management, and more. Here is a…
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Strategy Plan to Meet Business Goals