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out of sight out of mind

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Do not let your business go silent on social media. Be sure to have a consistent content strategy where you are showing up on a regular basis on all social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so your business does not become out of mind.

marketing tips covid19

Tips for Marketing as your Business Reopens after COVID19

Here in Ontario most of the province shut down the week of March 17th.  I remember because it was March Break, and St.Patrick’s Day celebrations were immediately cancelled.  That was TWO months ago.  We have been in quarantine for about 8 weeks.  Businesses and schools shut down, most people staying home and only venturing out…
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20 questions to ask on social media

20 Questions to Ask on Social Media to Encourage Engagement

Are you looking to increase the engagement on your social media posts?  One strategy you can use to do this is to ask questions to encourage your audience to respond.  I find using questions as part of our content mix really helps to increase engagement, interaction, and can also be a huge source of valuable…
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how to support local business during covid19

How to Support Local Businesses During COVID19

How to Support Local Business During COVID19 *****97% of Businesses in Canada are Small or Owner Operated*** Most of our local businesses owned by entrepreneurs have been affected by the COVID19 Pandemic. Either they have been forced to close, or have lost a large portion of their business and revenue. Some have pivoted and started…
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be more visable

To Move Your Business Forward you need to be more Visible

To move your business forward be more visable Good morning friends! I have been working with a business coach (can you tell yet?), and I was recently inspired by something she said about being more visible. It was like a lightbulb has gone on inside my brain that reiterates the fact that in order to…
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words to eliminate from your vocabulary

Eliminate These 3 Words from Your Vocabulary

Life Tip: Eliminate These 3 Words from Your Vocabulary Day#137/365 Daily Tips. Recently I was introduced to an amazing woman – Suzanne Longstreet from Success and Clarity and Pinkpreneurs. She is a Mindset Mentor and NLP Trainer. I’m really looking forward to working with Suzanne on a few projects. She is very inspiring and in…
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Do you have goals for May?

What is your goal for May?

Day #126/365 : Always Set Goals! It’s already May 10th – but just wondering if you set a goal for your business or for yourself personally each month? Perhaps you have goals on how many new social media followers you would like for the month on each platform? I always set a sales goal in…
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how to peak interest and consideration in your sales funnel

How to Peak Interest and Consideration in your Sales Funnel using Social Media

How to Peak Interest and Consideration Day#115/365 Article #3/8 in my Marketing Funnel Series. Today based on the example of a sales and marketing funnel below I am going to explore how you can use Social Media to peak interest and consideration in your business. In my previous article I wrote about creating Awareness using…
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create an ideal customer avatar

Marketing Tip: Create a Customer Avatar

What is a Customer Avatar and How Can You Use it in Marketing Before you can effectively start target marketing to your ideal client it is super useful to create a customer avatar. What is an ideal customer avatar? An avatar is a profile showing the traits, characteristics and pain points of your ideal customer.…
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public relations tip

PR TIP Always Share your news stories with media!

Public Relations Tip: Always share your news with the media – they can’t cover what they don’t know about! Tip #43 / 365 : Public Relations Tip – If your business or organization has something new or newsworthy be sure to share this information with local media outlets. The media cannot cover what they don’t…
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