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Free Twitter Webinar

FREE ONLINE TWITTER WEBINAR THE POWER OF TWITTER There are 330 MILLION monthly active Twitter users, and over 145 million daily users. How can your business or organization maximize Twitter in your digital marketing strategy? Benefits of Using Twitter: Increase awareness of your business Connect with new customers and community members Be active and get…
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top 10 benefits of using Twitter for your buisiness

Top 10 Benefits of Using Twitter for Your Business

Top 10 Benefits of using Twitter for your Business Increase brand awareness Build a targeted audience Interactive and engaging Drive traffic to your website Reach a large audience Real time intelegence Good for News and PR Good for SEO Build strong relationships I’ll be completely honest. Twitter is my #1 favourite social media platform to…
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Twitter Tip: Use Twitter Analytics

Twitter Tip: Use Twitter Analytics to help you Grow your Account Day#84/365 Daily Tips. Today’s tip I am sharing due to a recent experience where I posted a Tweet to a relatively new Twitter Account (under 50 followers) and was shocked to see the engagement. When I checked the insights of that one Tweet I…
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twitter tip participate in twitter chats

Twitter Tip Participate in Twitter Chats

Twitter Tip Participate in Twitter Chats Day #56 / 365 Tips; To increase your engagement on Twitter try participating in Twitter Chats! What is a Twitter Chat? A Twitter Chat is a scheduled time where twitter users are invited to “chat” with other twitter users using / following the same hashtag. They usually last for…
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twitter tip

Use the Who to Follow Tool on Twitter to Increase your Audience

Increase your audience on Twitter by using the “who to follow” tool Day #48 / 365 I’m blogging this year every single day! I am sharing tips I have learned through my years of social media marketing and online advertising. Hope you find these useful and can apply some of them to your business or…
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