The Online Corner: How to give help and get help during the holidays

The Online Corner: How to give help and get help during the holidays

Snapd Dufferin December Edition

The Online Corner,

Submitted by Sarah Clarke, Media Strategist and Founder of Dufferin Media

Snapd Dufferin December Edition

How to Get or Give Help during the Holidays

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” Mother Teresa

Let’s be honest, the holidays are either a time in your life of immense happiness or alternatively of great sadness.  For some it perhaps is a mixture of both.  

I see both.  The best of society around the holidays, and the loneliness and grief.  My children are such a source of joy during the holidays, and yet I miss my mom and dad and others that passed before them.  I see so much giving from individuals and businesses this time of year, so much generosity and love. And I see sadness, loneliness and grief from those that have no reason to celebrate and no loved ones to celebrate with.

Let me focus this article on how you can either give help or get help during the holidays to help make it as joyous an occasion for yourself and others.


Do you need help during the holidays?  Are you struggling financially or perhaps with overwhelming emotions?  That’s OK! You are not alone and there is help out there for you. There are a ton of resources this time of year for food, clothing, gifts, Christmas Hampers and more.  Visit your local food bank, call your local churches and watch information boards at the community centre. If you are struggling with emotions … speak to someone, ask for help!  It is available there are people that care and you deserve it! If you are not sure who to ask for help, most doctors offices are a great place to start. However you can also reach out to help lines, local churches, or other professionals.

211 Ontario is a great place to start for many resources and you can access them by dialing 211 from any phone or visiting their website www.211ontario.ca


If you are interested in giving during the holidays there are so many great opportunities at this time of year!  There are always lots of food drives, toy drives, coat drives, etc etc. You don’t need to spend much and your giving will go a long way.  Alternatively you can volunteer to help any number of organizations or churches that are helping those in need over the Holidays.

An act of giving that lasts all year long is to consider signing up to donate on a monthly basis to a charity of your choice.  This helps give the non-profit sustainability as they can count on incoming financial donations all year long.

Wishing you blessings this month and all year long.

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