The Online Corner – Ways to Give ONLINE

The Online Corner – Ways to Give ONLINE

ways to give online

The Online Corner – Ways to Give ONLINE

The Online Corner, article “The Online Corner – Ways to Give ONLINE” Submitted by Sarah Clarke, Media Strategist and Founder of Dufferin Media to the December edition of https://dufferin.snapd.com


Ahhhh..2020.  Who would have ever thought that at this time last year we were facing so many challenges ahead?  I have found myself reflecting on the many things I may have taken for granted in 2019.  Going to the movies, watching my children play sports…… hugs.  

So now in December 2020, at the end of a very historical and very weird year, possibly many of you are wondering, as I am, what are some ways that we can give.  How can we help our neighbours that have suffered financial loss?  How can we help our local businesses that are struggling?  How can we help inspire positivity in others and help our friends and family stay focused away from all of the negativity in the news and in the World?

Let’s explore some ways that we can give back….online.




Need is up.  Donations are down.  This is the common conversation among all organizations that help the vulnerable members of our society.   So how can we help support nonprofit organizations?  One of the most beneficial ways to give to a charity is through monthly giving.  Financial monthly donations set up to automatically come out of your bank account or credit card are very much appreciated by nonprofits because it gives them monthly revenue that they can rely on to keep their doors open.  

Another way that you can support nonprofits online is to like, share, and comment on their social media content.  By helping to spread awareness of their cause online you can inspire others to get involved.




81% of business owners in Canada have been negatively impacted by COVID19.  Hardest hit are the local small business owners.  You can obviously help these businesses by shopping there, however there are also non financial ways that you can support them online.  


  1. Leave a positive review on Google or Facebook


  1. Like their social media content, bonus – comment, triple bonus, like comment and share! The more engagement that a business page gets on social media – the more it will get.  By you interacting with their content the algorithms will favour their page showing their content to more people


  1. Submit user generated content.  Take a photo or video of you using their products or service and posting it on social media and tag them.  Original authentic content will help spread the word about that local business online.




“Learn to light a candle in the darkest moments of someones’ life.  Be the light that helps others see; it is what gives life its deepest significance.” – Roy T. Bennett 

light a candle


Finally one of the easiest ways that you can give online is to share positive messages of love and hope to shine a light for others to follow.  You can do this by sharing inspirational messages, commenting on others social media posts with encouragement, compliments, and support.  Celebrate the wins!  When there is cause for happiness and celebration -share this with others.  


I thank Victoria and the team at snapd Dufferin for the opportunity to submit this article and to work in our community together as a strategic partner.



As a side note I would like to mention that if you are looking for a charity to support this year, I personally support the Orangeville Food Bank – here is a Link to their Giving Tuesday Campaign (below). 




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  1. Charity says:

    This is such a great post. Since we are doing pretty much everything online now, giving online is also very important too. Thanks for highlighting how to do this!

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