Tips for Marketing as your Business Reopens after COVID19

Tips for Marketing as your Business Reopens after COVID19

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Tips for Marketing as your Business Reopens after COVID19

Tips for Marketing as your Business Reopens after COVID19

Here in Ontario most of the province shut down the week of March 17th and hopefully soon as we emerge, you will want to be aware of these Tips for Marketing as your Business Reopens after COVID19.  I remember because it was March Break, and St.Patrick's Day celebrations were immediately cancelled.  That was TWO months ago.  We have been in quarantine for about 8 weeks.  Businesses and schools shut down, most people staying home and only venturing out if they needed food or necessities.

If your business was shut down due to COVID19 you may have adjusted the way that you serve your clients, such as adding an online store, offering take-out or product pick up or delivery.  However some businesses have been shut down 100%.  

As the province eases the restrictions and is allowing some businesses to re-open, there is a cautious sense of optimism. 

As of May 16th there have been almost 22,000 people infected with COVID19 in our Province, with over 1800 deaths.  Across Canada there have been 74,602 cases, with 5,562 deaths.  This serious illness is NOT gone yet.  It is still circulating in our community and we are all at risk.

As the government now tries to balance our economy, and our mental health with our physical health by reopening the economy, I think many people probably feel a lot of mixed emotions.

I am still scared.  I am afraid of my family members getting sick.  I am scared of the numbers climbing back up.

And yet, I am also excited that there will be some freedoms and I am excited for doing some normal things like visiting a garden centre and going camping.

Whatever you are feeling - if you are a business owner try to apply those emotions to how your customers are feeling.

Perhaps cautiously optimistic is the best way to explain how consumers are going to be feeling.



Marketing Tips for your Reopening

Congratulations to your business - it has been announced that you are going to be able to reopen your doors and serve your customers.  But things are not as they once were.  You will have to implement new safety measures and follow new health and safety guidelines to try to make sure that your customers, your staff and yourself stay healthy.

Now imagine your consumer.  Remember - they are feeling cautiously optimistic.  They are excited to come and visit, but want to feel safe doing so.

You can apply these concepts to your marketing.

First and foremost - communicate with your audience details on your reopening.  Post the key facts about days and hours you will be open.  Update your Facebook Page and Google My Business with your current hours of operation.  Post these hours of operation via social media  few times so your customers are clear.

Next - inform your consumers clearly and in a reassuring way what safety measure you are implementing to make sure that they are safe.  For example, you might have social distancing stickers on the floors - post pictures of those.  Or you might have an accelerated cleaning and disinfecting protocol - share that information.  It will help consumers to know how often you are cleaning commonly touched surfaces.

Finally - have some fun!  Celebrate!  Share some excitement and positivity!  Perhaps run a special reopening promotion or offer free gifts to your customers.  

So in closing I'm really excited for your business and I'd like to encourage you to maximize the opportunity of your business reopening by utilizing the digital marketing communication tools that are going to help you with this.  

Remember to:

  • Update your website
  • Update your social media - posts
  • Update your social media - profiles and hours
  • Send email communication

If your business is reopening and you would like me to mention it feel free to post in the comments below!

And if your business is not yet opening please please please keep communicating with your audience.  Do NOT let your social media channels go silent.  Stay top of mind so that when you do reopen you are top of mind with your target audience.


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