Update on the Child I am Sponsoring from Kenya – A Christmas Gift for Teddy

Update on the Child I am Sponsoring from Kenya – A Christmas Gift for Teddy

helping nonprofits in Kenya

Merry Christmas Byron (Teddy)

In a recent conversation that I was having with Dave Hatfield, founder of the Living Stone Global Foundation, he mentioned how in the community right now because of the extreme poverty caused by Covid, the needs of the children and the families have really switched back to the basic necessities of life.  As school staff were venturing out to check on the school children in the dumpsite to see how they were doing during the closure of the schools, they were shocked to see the conditions that the children were living in.  When asked what they needed at this time, the families always reply with things like "a mattress would be lovely to sleep on", "a blanket", "food".

So I asked Dave if I could send a Christmas gift donation to Byron and his family. (note he is actually called TEDDY by all that know him).  He said, "of course" and I'll make sure the staff on the ground take good stewardship of your gift.  They will find out what Teddy needs and take care of everything.

Today I received these photos and video from little Teddy.  And I cried.  Mixed emotions of sadness and joy.  I just hope that this gift, which was really nothing on my part, goes a long way to bring some comfort and happiness and HOPE not just to Teddy, but also to his family and those around him.  

He received a mattress, some clothing, a book and some maize flour, wheat flour, rice, cooking oil, and detergent.

God bless you back Teddy.

I ask you if you are able to contribute even the smallest financial amount this Christmas help the Living Stone Foundation bring some basic necessities to the children living in the Kyoto dumpsite in Nakuru, Kenya.  



About Living Stone Global Foundation


 But many children in Nakuru, Kenya do. So we’re building a global community of friends — heroes powered by love —  who share their talents, connections, and resources to help these kids escape the dump and flourish in life.  The Living Stone Global foundation started a school - aptly named "Maisha Mapya" which means - new hope / new life in Swahili.  There are now over 200 students that are able to attend school, get meals, and education.  

*The children are currently at home due to the COVID-19 Pandemic**

Read more on their website

no child should live in a dump





5 Responses

  1. Such a lovely foundation 🙂
    Teddy and his mother look so happy too. I wasn’t aware of the situation in Kenya either, I hope to one day be able to do something like this too.

    Thank you for the informative blog post!

  2. Mariah Evans says:

    This is just so beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes!

    I would love to look into doing something like this.

  3. Wow.. that’s so generous of you. Thanks for helping those in need.

  4. Sara James says:

    You brought joy and comfort in Teddy’s life. It’s more to give in this life rather to take. A wonderful act of kindness, and a thoughtful and practical gift, Sarah; you brought tears in my eyes. Wish you a happy, healthy and successful 2021.

    • sarahclarke says:

      Thank you so much xoxo

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