Women of Ambition Conference

Women of Ambition Conference

women of ambition conference kenora ontario
women of ambition conference kenora ontario

Women of Ambition Conference Kenora Ontario

The Women Boss Society is a worldwide community of women with the goal to:

Empower women and girls worldwide to become the best version of themselves

I am honoured to be part of this powerful movement towards empowering females, and have met some very amazing and inspirational women in the past few months through the online community you can join for free at:


The Women Boss Society is holding it’s first ever event, and it just so happens it is in my home Province of Ontario Canada. Unfortunately Kenora is about 22 hours away from me so I will not physically be attending the conference this year, however I will be there in spirit and I am assisting with the promotion of the event via social media.

The conference will bring together hundreds of women from all industries, and walks of life from Northern Ontario and Manitoba. There will we business owners, career professionals, and women seeking new opportunities. There will be speakers, workshops, networking, and so much more.

This event is in support of the Paro Centre for Women’s Enterprise. An organization that I have recently joined. With a few other strong female entrepreneurs right here in Orangeville, we are forming the very first Paro Circle in Dufferin County. Stay tuned for more information on this……

More About the Conference:

More information on the Women of Ambition Conference can be found on the event page on Facebook:


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