Young Entrepreneur Feature: Evan’s SMILE Wax Melts

Young Entrepreneur Feature: Evan’s SMILE Wax Melts

Young Entrepreneur Feature Evan's SMILE Wax Melts

Young Entrepreneur Feature

One day while mindlessly scrolling through Facebook I came across this post in Marketplace that stopped me cold and grabbed my heart:

"My son Evan was diagnosed at 3.5 & his dream is to own a store of his own! He is helping me making wax melts branded by his own name!! Evan’s SMILE wax melts “A little man with big dreams” Message me to order! We’re doing Dundalk, Shelbune and Orangeville deliveries!"

Stop what!!??? I love wax melts and am so drawn to young entrepreneurs that remind me of myself always feeling this inner passion and drive to become a business owner.  Entrepreneurship flows through my veins and if I can help any young entrepreneur with their dream, well that would just make my day!  So of course I immediately placed an order and asked his mom if I could do a blog feature to hopefully support Evan and raise awareness of his business!

Please read more about Evan and his business below: (submitted by his mom)

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Evans SMILE Wax Melts

The whole concept of the business is because my son actually has dreams of having his own store some day ( especially now ). I wanted to make it more personal to him so he felt like it was really his own by adding his name “ Evans SMILE wax melts” because with autsim my son gets very fixated on things he loves like owning a store & thought what a perfect way to represent autsim then the puzzle pieces. 

My son always says his store is called Evans “ SMILE “ store because in our hometown the community came together and put up a huge sign that said “ Smile “ when you drive into the town & The person who started it sold separate smile signs for people to put all around their yards - so my son wanted to call his store “  Evans smile store “ 

He is so driven, hard-working and determined! As for my self having a small business so he sees me working from home & see structure in it every single day.  However, Evan is now 7 - but 

Three & a half years ago we found out our son was on the Autism Spectrum. At the time we didn't really understand the measure of what this really meant. It wasn't until we started therapy’s and with more research over the years it showed us what his life will really look like long term. One thing that truly scared me was when his paediatrician told me I probably wouldn’t be working for a long time and that my son needed a lot of support.  That’s when I took my passion for wax melts and his dream and put them together. 

The goal of the business is to inspire my son always to do something he believes in and loves, not even just my son but anyone on the spectrum. 

Truly we are completely blown away by the amount of people who have reached out and people want to support! 

We would love to inspire other people to do the same thing and to not feel alone or give up. 

As well as with Covid- 19, he’s been home from school doing e-learning and there hasn’t been a whole lot going on for us so this is a great way to keep him busy and motivated. 

Evan and I are actually splitting the profit he has a bank account set up and every time he makes money / collects money we go to the bank and he deposits what he has made. ( his favourite part is delivering to customers, greeting them and getting to collect money! ) “ thank you for your order! “ he always says. I think this is wonderful because it shows him hard work pays off and how to earn and save money. Not to mention my son does struggle with social interactions and this has just blown me away! 

Evans main goal is to some day open his own store and have real customers come in.  

  • On a daily basis he makes Covid restrictions ( how many people are allowed in the ‘store’ and sets out sanitizer ) he loves routine and structure so he makes a weekly schedule of what his hours are going to look like when he is ‘working ‘ and follows them right on. 

He gets so happy when we get a real customer! 

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