10 Ideas for Social Media Posts that are Fun and Engaging

10 Ideas for Social Media Posts that are Fun and Engaging

10 Ideas for Social Media Posts that are Fun and Engaging

10 Ideas for Social Media Post that are Fun and Engaging

10 Ideas for Social Media Posts that are Fun and Engaging

One of the biggest challenges to social media is deciding WHAT to post.  The more you plan ahead, and use strategy when planning your content the better results that you will achieve.

Here is a list of 10 Ideas for Social Media Posts that are fun and will have a very good chance generate engagement.

1. Joke or Comic

Lighten up, have some fun, and include some humor in your social media content plan!  We've found great engagement on posts like #FRIDAYFUNNY where we share a comic or joke that is industry related.  Another idea is to share a joke that your audience might enjoy either in a plain text post or create it into a graphic.



Friday Funny

2. Fill In The Blank

Engage your audience by asking them an open ended question that encourages them to post a comment in response.  A fill in the blank might be something related to current events or to your industry.  Examples might include "Good morning everyone I'm currently scrolling social media and drinking ___________"

Fill in the blank social media post

3. Wish a Team Member Happy Birthday

These work really well, and I've seen Real Estate companies using these more and more with great success.  Great way to show the human side of your business, celebrate your team, and generate engagement.  Using real photos of your team in any situation will generate more engagement than stock photos.

wish a team member a happy birthday

4. Share a Photo of Your Pet

Sharing pictures of pets gives your audience a glimpse into your life, and shows you are human and caring.  Pet images will almost always get more engagement because most people are animal lovers!  You can go one step further and ask your followers to also share a picture of their pet!

use pictures of pets in your social media content

5. Do a Giveaway!

Everyone loves contests and giveaways!  If you are planning to host a giveaway for your business page on social media just make sure you are up to date on the terms and conditions of each platform.  For example did you know Facebook does not allow you to ask someone to share a post for a chance to win something?  Ideally you would be driving a social media user over to your website for a chance to win and getting their EMAIL address as part of the entry which is something you can use ongoing & long term to communicate.

give away contest

6. Celebrate a "National Day"

There are lots of fun and quirky "National Days" out there, so why not celebrate one on your social media channels that might appeal to your audience!

You can find them here on National Day Calendar.com



National CLean off your desk day

7. Recognize the Holiday Seasons

Make sure to include holidays in your social media content plan.  Using holiday themes is fun and engaging, and don't be afraid to be a little edgy as long as you know your audience.

There is a holiday for almost every month, which makes a few posts a month very easy to create.

Santa social media post

8. Share Trivia

Ask a trivia question or share a trivia fact!  This will be sure to engage your audience, and better yet do it on a topic that is related to your business or industry.

During our huddles at the food bank, they used to pose "Trivia Tuesdays" and have a fun fact to share, I always found this really interesting and educational.

Here is a website I found that will help you generate trivia:


trivia posts for social media

9. Create a Poll

Asking a multiple choice question is a great way to get your audience to respond.  Plus it is easy on platforms such as Twitter.

Creating a poll will also give you valuable information that you can use for your business if you ask the right questions.

Social Media Tips

10. Have a Multiple Choice Graphic

These work really well for generating engagement by encouraging your audience to pick their favourite of 2 to 4 choices.

You can ask them to respond with emojis or numbers or letters.


example of a great social media post


When you are working on your social media content calendar, remember that each set of eyeballs that are going to see your content belong to a human.  So be human in your content.  Play on emotions, post content that adds value.  Know your audience, and speak to them.  Engage with them.  Be authentic, be vulnerable.  Be human.

be a good human being

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