10 Social Media Marketing Tips For Any Business

10 Social Media Marketing Tips For Any Business

Social Media Marketing Tips

10 Social Media Marketing Tips For Any Business

5 to 10 tips for businesses looking to get more involved in social media

10 Social Media Marketing Tips For Any Business

10 Social Media Marketing Tips For Any Business as inspired by a contribution I was asked to submit to the Orangeville Banner.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to promote a business or organization.  It has become increasingly popular method of communicating with customers because of the instant ability to engage with existing and new people.  Social media marketing includes tasks such as creating and posting content, using paid advertising, engaging with others, social media listening, and of course the increasingly popular use of video.

Why is Social Media Marketing SO Important?

Social media marketing is so important in todays fast paced digital World because of its popularity.  A business does not have a choice to have a presence on social media if they wish to remain relevant and in business.  This is because your customers are on social media.  Your staff is on social media.  Your community is on social media.  If you are not, you will be left behind.

Social Media Tips BEFORE You Get Started

These 5 tips are based on my many years of experience and speaking to business owners that are just starting out, or who have started out and quickly realized they must have missed a step because they are really struggling.  When you are starting out a business and considering how to use social media to market your business please consider these 5 things BEFORE you take any action.

If you are looking for assistance with this plan - I offer a 5 week one-on-one consulting program to develop your digital marketing strategy.

  1. Make sure you are clear on your branding: logo, tagline, colour scheme, fonts, values, tone
  2. Identify your target audience
  3. Identify your goals
  4. Have a strategy in place
  5. Optimize your profiles so they are consistent

Social Media Tips for Ongoing Success

Implementation of a social media strategy is where many people fail to thrive on social media.  These 5 tasks will help you achieve ongoing success with your marketing efforts, grow awareness of your business, grow your followers, gain new clients and grow your revenue.

  1. Post consistently
  2. Have a good mixture of content (not all sales)
  3. Engage with others from your account
  4. Respond to all comments and questions
  5. Monitor your analytics

If you need assistance with implementing the tasks I suggest you outsource to a company such as Dufferin Media who offer budget friendly solutions to Social Media Marketing

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  1. Fab tips! I truly think responding to all comments is the best thing you can do for your blog to keep engagement levels up, although I need to be a lot more consistent in terms of posting on social media itself. Thank you so much for sharing x

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