Month: February 2019

Help me help the vulnerable residents of Toronto

Friends – this is a very important issue that is near and dear to my heart, and I’m asking for your help. As many of you know, I am a volunteer at the Orangeville Food Bank, and on a weekly basis I sit with vulnerable members of our community who are struggling with poverty. We…
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social media tip share photos of your pet

Social Media Tip Share Photos of your Pets

Social Media Tip: Share photos of your pets for increased engagement Tip#59/365 Social Media Content tip – Share photos of your pets to your social media channels. EVERYONE LOVES ANIMALS (I hope?) I mean look at this beautiful gentle girl watching over the pond just waiting for something exciting to chase after. God I love…
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business tip of the day add lots of photos to google my business

Add lots of Photos to Google My Business

Add lots of Photos to Google My Business Day #58/365 Business and Social Media Tips. I was poking around my Google My Business listings recently, for myself and for my clients, looking over the insights. The Google My Business Insights are really cool and if you haven’t had the chance to I highly suggest you…
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website tip add a social media feed

Website Tip Include a Social Media Feed

Website Tip Include a Social Media Feed Day #57/365 Tips every single day! Today’s tip is a Website Tip: Add a social media feed to your website. Benefits of adding a social media feed include always having up to date content on your website, and giving website visitors a chance to connect with you on…
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twitter tip participate in twitter chats

Twitter Tip Participate in Twitter Chats

Twitter Tip Participate in Twitter Chats Day #56 / 365 Tips; To increase your engagement on Twitter try participating in Twitter Chats! What is a Twitter Chat? A Twitter Chat is a scheduled time where twitter users are invited to “chat” with other twitter users using / following the same hashtag. They usually last for…
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5 steps to hosting a successful event

5 Steps to Hosting a Successful Event

5 Steps to Hosting a Successful Event Day #55/365 Daily Tips: Today’s blog post is going to outline some suggestions on how to plan for and host a successful event. I have recently had the great honour of helping with the Orangeville Food Bank’s Coldest Night of the Year Event and it was a huge…
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LinkedIN Tip Endorse Skills

LinkedIn Tip: Endorse the Skills of your Connections Day #54 / 365 Tips. If you are working on building your business on LinkedIN one of the strategies you can use to improve your effectiveness is to endorse the skills of your connections. Your connections will be notified that you have endorsed them, and in most…
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five simple tips to boost your seo using pinterest

5 Simple Tips to Boost your SEO Using Pinterest

Five Simple Tips to Boost Your SEO Using Pinterest Day 53/365 Daily Tips! Are one of your goals to have your website and business showing higher in Google search results? Me too! One strategy you can use is to tap into the powerful search engine visibility of social media platforms – Pinterest is very high…
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social media content tip share pictures of babies

Social Media Tip Share Pictures of Babies for Higher Engagement

Social Media Content Tip: Share Photos of Babies Tip #52/365 Content Tip: share photos of babies in your graphics to increase engagement! This why should be obvious – babies are cute and immediately cause an emotional reaction in your audience. A well placed image or video of a cute baby, child, or babies will gain…
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website tip test your website forms on a regular basis

Website Tip Check Your Online Forms

Why use a Website Form? 50% of marketers say inbound marketing strategies, such as onsite forms, are their primary source of leads.** Lead generation is the number one use of online forms.  Whether this is simply your “contact” form, or more advanced lead generation forms on your landing pages – a website form is the…
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