Month: April 2019

types of sales funnels

Types of Sales Funnels

Types of Sales Funnels Day#116/365. Article #4/8 in my Marketing Funnel Series. Today – different types of sales and marketing funnels. Here are just a few examples of types of sales funnels that you might use to generate leads / sales. The Free Sample Sales Funnel This method of generating leads can actually be quite…
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how to peak interest and consideration in your sales funnel

How to Peak Interest and Consideration in your Sales Funnel using Social Media

How to Peak Interest and Consideration Day#115/365 Article #3/8 in my Marketing Funnel Series. Today based on the example of a sales and marketing funnel below I am going to explore how you can use Social Media to peak interest and consideration in your business. In my previous article I wrote about creating Awareness using…
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how to create awareness

Marketing Funnel Part 1: How to Create Awareness

Marketing Funnel Part 1: How to Create Awareness Day#114/365 Daily Articles. This week I am writing about Marketing Funnels and how you can use these to increase the revenues in your business. Just being aware of what a sales or marketing funnel is – that is a step in the right direction. If you missed…
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what is a marketing funnel

Conversion Marketing Funnels

What is a Marketing Funnel? Day#113 / 365. I’ve been inspired to start a new series of articles about “Marketing Funnels” simply because this term comes up in many conversations that I have with clients and potential clients and I wonder sometimes if anyone really has any idea what a funnel really is, let alone…
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social media tip don't buy fake followers

Social Media Tip: Do not buy FAKE followers

Social Media Tip: Do not buy FAKE followers Why.? Why would a company PAY money or use some sort of a Bot program to build a fake following on any platform? Well one reason might be that their goal is to have a large number of followers to show potential advertisers. However this “vanity” metric…
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branding tips

Branding Tip: Make sure your profiles are consistent all of your social media

Branding Tip: Make Sure That All of your Profiles are Consistent on Social Media Day#112/365 Daily Tips. I usually have a list of the month in advance of topics and tips I want to share or explore. This one just kind of cropped up again as I came across a business that had very different…
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respond to all google reviews

Google My Business Tip Respond to Reviews

Respond to Reviews on Google My Business Day#111/365 Daily Tips. Respond to reviews on Google (and other platforms) – ALL OF THEM. The Good. The Bad. The Neutral. There are currently 3.5 BILLION searches on Google. 80% of all internet searches happen on Google. Click thru’s decrease exponentially on Page 2 of Google Search results.…
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How to use your social media to promote Earth Day

Earth Day 2019

Today is Earth Day – April 22, 2019 Day#110/365 Daily Tips. My tip for you today is to watch for significant daily events and use these in your social media content calendar. I know I’ve probably touched on this before as I am a big fan of “Daily” celebrations. But today is a very significant…
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how to celebrate holidays on social media

How to Acknowledge Holidays using Social Media : Happy Easter

Happy Easter Day #109/365 Daily Tips: Social Media Tip: Use Social Media to Acknowledge Holidays. Good afternoon friends, today is Easter Sunday. Wishing everyone a very joyous day filled with love and peace. And chocolate? Your business / brand can join in the fun of special days such as Easter too! Here are a few…
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business tip be careful with the use of acronyms

Business Tip – Be Careful with Acronyms

KPI, FAQ, B2B, SME, SEO, CRM Do you know what all of these are? Day #108/365 Daily Tips – If you are going to use Acronyms on your website, or social media make sure you expand to the full version too. ac·ro·nym/ˈakrəˌnim/noun an abbreviation formed from the initial letters of other words and pronounced as…
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