Month: May 2019

Business Tip Support Each Other

Business Tip: Support Each Other

We Rise By Lifting Others Day#145/365 Daily Tips. I just can’t say this often enough. The more we as entrepreneurs, and as women, and as business women, support each other – the better the chance we will all succeed together. There is more than enough business and clients and opportunities in this world for us…
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hashtag tips

Hashtag Tips

Hashtag Tips for your Social Media Posts Day#144/365 Daily Tips! Yesterday I came across a really good post on Social Media for a local restaurant that had a great image, great text, but then the hashtags were posted all together with no spaces. Like this: #mytown#restaurant#lunch#food If you do not use spaces between your hashtags…
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World Hunger Day

May 28th World Hunger Day

World Hunger Day May 28th is World Hunger Day. As many of you know poverty and hunger is an issue that is near and dear to my heart. I raised in a financially insecure environment, and I witness poverty and hunger in my community every week. At my local food bank I am given a…
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Instagram Tip Always respond to comments

Instagram Tip Always Reply to Comments

Instagram Tip Always Reply to Comments Day#142 / 365 Daily Tips. If one of your business goals is to increase the results of your Instagram accounts here is a quick tip: Always Reply to your Comments! Instagram the second largest social media network in the world. Are you using this powerful platform effectively? Is your…
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Top Strategies for Ecommerce Pricing

4 Top Pricing Strategies for E-commerce Businesses

4 Pricing Strategies Advice For E-commerce businesses Guest Post created by Karem Ortiz. Day#141/365 Daily Tips. I would like to thank Karem for submitting this article for me to share – a great read for anyone that currently has an e-commerce business or is planning to start one. 4 Pricing Strategies Advice For E-commerce businesses…
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Delete Facebook

Current News Delete Facebook is Trending

Why is Hashtag Delete Facebook Trending and Should I be Worried? Day#140/365 Daily Tips: Today I was surprised to see that once again the hashtag #deletefacebook is trending on Twitter. This has been caused by a political issue in the USA. I’m not going to go into the issue behind this – you can make…
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SEO Tip Claim your YELP Listing

SEO Tip: Claim your YELP Listing

SEO Tip: Claim Your YELP Listing Day#139/365 Daily Tips. Today I share with you this SEO Tip: Claim and optimize a YELP Listing for your Business. What is Yelp? Yelp is a business directory service and crowd-sourced review forum, and a public company of the same name that is headquartered in San Francisco, California. The…
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20 Ideas for Social Media Posts

20 Ideas for Social Media Posts

20 Ideas for Social Media Posts Day#138/365 Daily Tips. Social Media Content Tip: here are 20 ideas for social media posts! Do you sometimes get stuck on what type of content to share on your social media accounts? So do we! In general our rule for business clients is to share 30/30/30 – 30% of…
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words to eliminate from your vocabulary

Eliminate These 3 Words from Your Vocabulary

Life Tip: Eliminate These 3 Words from Your Vocabulary Day#137/365 Daily Tips. Recently I was introduced to an amazing woman – Suzanne Longstreet from Success and Clarity and Pinkpreneurs. She is a Mindset Mentor and NLP Trainer. I’m really looking forward to working with Suzanne on a few projects. She is very inspiring and in…
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Social Media Content Tip: Share Funny Comics

Social Media Tip: Share Funny Comics Day#136/365 Daily Tips: Social Media Tip: Here is a great content idea – share funny comics on your social media profiles! (If it fits into your brand) it is okay to lighten up once in a while and share some funny comics. Show something that is humorous and relevant…
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