Month: January 2020

SEO Tips

3 Things you can do Right Now to Improve your SEO

Make sure all of the images on your website have ALT Tags When you upload any image to your website, you have probably noticed there is opportunity to complete a field called “ALT tag” or “Alternative Text”.  Many people do not understand what this field is for, and so often leave it blank.  A huge…
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10 Ideas for Social Media Posts that are Fun and Engaging

One of the biggest challenges to social media is deciding WHAT to post.  The more you plan ahead, and use strategy when planning your content the better results that you will achieve. Here is a list of 10 Ideas for Social Media Posts that are fun and will have a very good chance generate engagement.

Non Profit Feature: Orangeville Army Cadets – 1849 Lorne Scots

When Lisa Post, a parent support committee member and local representative for the Orangeville Army Cadets, asked if I would be interested in supporting their upcoming fundraiser I was eager to help. Growing up in Orangeville the Cadets was one of the few available and affordable opportunities for my family to participate in a child…
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How Businesses use twitter successfully

How We Are Using Twitter in 2020 Successfully

Many of the Digital Marketing articles I’ve read recently, especially entering into the new decade that discussed social media trends had experts agreeing that Twitter would be a popular network for businesses to focus on in the new year.  Many are planning to spend more time, energy and money on building their business on Twitter.…
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The Online Corner: The Benefits of Planning Ahead

The Online Corner, Submitted by Sarah Clarke, Media Strategist and Founder of Dufferin Media The Benefits of Planning Ahead Welcome to 2020.  A new year. A new decade.  Feels like a fresh new start – doesn’t it?   This month from the Online Corner I would like to encourage you to feel this wonderful momentum in…
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10 Important Social Media Trends for 2020

In The Media: Search Engine Journal

Big thank you to Danny Goodwin from Search Engine Journal for asking me to contribute to this article: 10 Important 2020 Social Media Trends You Need to Know _____________ Sarah Clarke, Media Strategist & Founder, Dufferin Media, believes the consumption of ephemeral content (social media content that is only available for a limited amount of…
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