Month: February 2020

non profit feature good will karma

Non-Profit Feature: Good Will Karma

Non-Profit Feature: Good Will Karma This heartwarming story was brought to our attention by the non profit organization All Paws Rescue based out of Brampton, Ontario. All Paws Rescue is a non-profit organization that helps rescue animals – founder Michelle Borg and her team take in strays, the sick, the unwanted, nurses them back to…
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social media tips

What is a Hashtag and How to Use it in Social Media Posts

What is a Hashtag and How to Use it in Social Media Marketing What is a Hashtag? hash·tag/ˈhaSHtaɡ/Learn to pronouncenoun a word or phrase preceded by a hash sign (#), used on social media websites and applications, especially Twitter, to identify messages on a specific topic. Hashtags are now a common symbol used in many…
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Internet Safety

The Online Corner : How to Stay Safe ONLINE

THE ONLINE CORNER February 2020. This is the online version of the article that appeared in the February edition of Snapd Dufferin / Caledon. In today’s modern world with such rapidly advancing technology, and more news of scammers and fraudsters online it is important to be cautious when you are online.  Whenever someone is asking…
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