22 Ways to Increase Social Media Engagement in 2022

22 Ways to Increase Social Media Engagement in 2022

22 ways to increase social media engagement

22 Ways to Increase Social Media Engagement in 2022

22 Ways to Increase Social Media Engagement in 2022

Is one of your goals in 2022 to increase your social media engagement?  If so please read on because I'm about to share with you 22 awesome ways to grow your engagement!

What is Social Media Engagement?

Social Media engagement is when a user takes an action on one of your social media posts or on your social media account.  An engagement might include a like, comment, share, click, or view.  It might be a response to an Instagram poll, or clicking to view your profile.  

Common engagement actions include:

  • reactions
  • likes
  • comments
  • shares
  • saves
  • direct messages
  • mentions
  • clicks
  • replies
  • retweets

Why is Social Media Engagement So Important?

Social Media engagement is not only important to grow your reach, following, and grow your business on social media, but is also crucial to win the favour with the algorithms.  Pushing out content on social media that is not getting any engagement or reach will have absolutely no benefit to your brand.

The more engagement you get on social media, the more engagement you WILL get.

Ways to Increase Social Media Engagement

Here are some suggestions on ways that you can increase your engagement on social media, not in any particular order.

  1. Return All Comments

Anytime that you receive a comment on any of your social media posts, make sure that you return it.  The longer your response the better.  Reply to ALL comments even though this might be time consuming it will have huge benefits to grow your engagement.

2. Comment on Other Posts

From your brand / company account comment on other social media posts.  On Facebook this is an especially great method to increase the awareness and reach of your Facebook Business Page.  You can toggle how you are commenting on a post to your business page, switch from your personal account to your page.

Find relevant content and engage on it from your accounts.  The more YOU engage - by leaving comments, liking posts, sharing posts etc you will get back tenfold.

I've found huge success lately in adding this to my Pinterest strategy.  You can comment on other Pins and it helps increase overall activity on your own Pins.

3. Join groups & Interact in them

Groups are relevant on Facebook and LinkedIn.  I've found incredible success at joining groups on Facebook that are in my niche or where my potential ideal clients are hanging out.  Posting content to Facebook groups is a great way to generate website traffic, generate leads, and build engagement on your own social media.  I also respond to group posts often using the comments.  Bonus if you can join the group from your business page, but this is not always possible.

4. Post Engaging Content

The type of content that you create and share is an important part of the strategy to increase engagement.  Think about posting questions, polls, this/that style posts which encourage users to respond.

Another style of post that works well for me are posts that encourage people to support each other like a #WritersLift or #BloggersShare on Twitter, or a Temporary Engagement Post on Instagram.


5. Trending Topics / Trending Hashtags

Do research as to what is currently trending this month or just today.  You can find this information easily on Twitter on the "Trending" tab.  By tapping into conversations or creating one of your own on a topic that is trending you have a better chance of increased reach & engagement.

PINTEREST PROTIP - to see what is currently trending on Pinterest go to the search bar and click on the search icon, it will show you "Popular on Pinterest"

6. Join Conversations

Each day on social media there are thousands if not millions of different conversations going on about all different topics.  Find a conversation that is relevant to your business and join in on that conversation.  You can do this by sharing a post and commenting on it your thoughts, or asking your audience what their thoughts are.  You can respond to conversations happening about topics you are passionate about.

It is suggested though that you be careful about commenting or participating in conversations online that are Political, Religious, or controversial.

7. Share Helpful Information

Offer solutions and education to your audience.  Identify the pain points of your target / ideal client and provide information on your social media that helps them solve problems, or learn something new.  Sharing helpful tips, tricks, education, is a great way to increase engagement.

8. Host a Giveaway

Giveaways are a fun and easy way to increase your engagement.  First identify your goals of the giveaway, then create a fun campaign around this that is simple for people to enter.  Remember that there are certain rules on Facebook/Instagram about giveaways so just do your homework first.  The bottom line is people love free stuff, they love to win.  So maximize your giveaways, promote across all social media channels, and don't forget to announce the winner as an additional post.

9. Instagram Stories

This tip is specific to Instagram.  As a way to increase the reach and engagement on your Instagram stories you can use the stickers feature - there are lots of options here meant to create an action from your audience including:

  • Questions
  • Poll
  • Ask a Question
  • Quiz

10. Create Saveable Graphics

Graphics that can be saved will create an action by your users.  Infographics, colouring sheets, product sheets, etc are great examples of images that are saveable.

11. Share User Generated Content

User generated content is one of the most valuable types of content that you can share because it elevates the level of trust with your brand when others talk about you.  Types of user generated content may include Google Reviews, Facebook Reviews, Product unboxing videos, Photos shared to social with your product or you in them.  Go ahead and share this content - it is not only great to generate engagement but also to improve your reputation.  Keep a special eye on Instagram Stories where you are tagged - don't just share the post to your story, make sure you add it to a highlight and consider also posting to your other social channels.

12. Collaborate with Influencers or Bloggers

There are so many opportunities to collaborate with others that can be used to help increase the awareness of your brand and the engagement of your social media.  Consider accepting guest blog posts, or submitting them yourself to other websites.  Be a guest on a podcast, or submit a quote for an article.  Influencer marketing is another great strategy to consider, though may require you to have a budget to pay the influencers.

13. Use Video

There is a reason that TikTok has completely exploded during the past 2 years.  People LOVE to consume video content.  Using video in your marketing strategy will absolutely help you grow your engagement.  This might include TikTok or Instagram Reels, Youtube Videos, or Short video clips to share on your social media.

14. Use Real Photos

A real photo of you, your products, services, customers, team, staff, even pets will always always always get more engagement over a stock photo.  Always.  If you are not sure where to start, consider hiring a photographer for some branding photos.  This is a small investment that will pay off and give you content to repurpose to all of your platforms.

15. Use GIFS

GIFS are a fun way to engage and share content.  It actually works best on Twitter, but could also be used on Facebook too.

PROtip:  Create your own GIFS using a program like GIPHY

16.  Use Emojis

Emojis are a fun way to share emotion and make your posts look more visually appealing and human.  Don't overdue the use of emojis, but certainly use them appropriately and in moderation.  You can use them both in your social media posts, as well as when you engage with others.  You will see these most used on Instagram and TikTok.

17. Go Live

This is still completely outside of my level of comfort, however going live on Facebook, Instagram or TikTok has proven to be a strategy to accelerate your engagement.

18.  Join Twitter chats

Twitter is a fabulous place to network online with others in your industry, community, and potential customers.  One method I've used to consistently increase my followers, reach and engagement is to participate in Twitter Chats.  Some of my favourites include #GoalChat #TwitterSmarter #BrandChat #BizapaloozaChat and #LeadersChat

19.  Create a Twitter List

Twitter Lists in my opinion is a very under-utilized feature.  This is a way to add people you follow to one list.  This can be used to interact with certain tweets, people, or topics too.  When you add someone to your list they get notified, creating another chance to engage, as they more often than not will also subscribe to your list.

20.  Tag Others

Use the @ symbol on social media posts to find and tag accounts.  Anytime you post about another person, company, or organization by all means tag them.  It is also acceptable to tag multiple "friends" on Instagram stories.  On Twitter people often use this little engagement trick when welcoming new followers, doing #FF = Favourite Friday.

21.  Share Posts

When you come across content that is relevant to your audience, sharing it on social media is a great way to increase engagement, join conversations, and help support others.

22.  Ask for Opinions

This is a great way to increase engagement.  Ask people for their opinion on something in your business.  It can also be a great research tool.  People love to share experiences and opinions so chances of getting multiple comments is high on this type of post.





social media engagement quote

How Can You Measure Social Media Engagement

Calculating your Social Media Engagement is a metric that will measure the amount of interaction your social media content earns.  Just sharing content isn't enough, you need to be able to calculate and measure how much this content is resonating with your audience.

A good engagement rate, experts agree, is between 1%&5%.  Those in the Influencer marketing space will often see a minimum engagement rate required of 3%.

You can learn more and get more information on HOW to calculate your engagement rate on this great article by Hootsuite.

what is a good engagement rate

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  3. I found this useful. Especially how to find trending on pinterest.

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