4 Elements of a Great Social Media Post

4 Elements of a Great Social Media Post

awesome social media posts

elements of a great social media post

The 4 elements of a GREAT social media post:

 1.  A GREAT Social Media Post is Visually appealing graphic branded with your logo

Image selection is key – the image should be a great quality, interesting, visually appealing to the eye.  You can use pictures of your actual business, products, staff, customers, or get amazing images from free stock websites such as www.Pexels.com & unsplash.com

Use a graphic program such as Photoshop or Google Drawings(Free) to add text & your logo to the image before posting.


 2.  A GREAT Social Media Post includes Well written text

Speak to your audience in clear interesting words – but above all watch for grammar and spelling!  Don’t use too much text unless you have something very important to say – less is best in most situation as most users will be scrolling past your content quickly.


3.  How to use Hashtags in your social media posts

Don’t forget Hashtags – they give your social media post some personality as well as help with increasing engagement.  Here is a great resource for finding popular hashtags:



4.  How to use a Call to Action on social media

What are you asking your customer to do?  Call you?  Visit your showroom?  Visit your website?  Include this information for them so it is handy.  Don’t be shy – it is okay to include your phone number or address on some of your social media posts.

If you are looking for advise on how you can improve your social media content, I am always available for a free 1/2 hour discovery call and consultation.  Contact me here!


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