5 Advantages of Email Marketing for your Business

5 Advantages of Email Marketing for your Business

advantages of email marketing



Guest blog post by Deborah Olusegun - Email & Website Copywriter


Imagine this — 

You’re in your office or physical store. You just got a new shipment of products formerly out of stock. You want to inform your 1,000 online customers about this development and you want your messaging to be personal. You believe they need what you’re selling and you need their patronage. What will be your go-to channel?

You could use social media, but how personal can you get on such platforms aside from saying 'you all?' 

Or videos. But I’m guessing you won’t be able to get past the first 100 takes without feeling severely burnt out and questioning your existence.  

Your best bet is placed on emails!

What Exactly is Email Marketing?

When a business owner sends emails to prospects and customers with the intention of getting them to take a certain action benefiting both parties they are engaging in email marketing. 

Email marketing uses emails to generate leads, make prospects buy, and customers buy even more. It's a great tool for both outbound and inbound marketing.

Why Emails? 

I’m sure you’ve sworn under your breath at the number of spam emails you’ve received this week so far. But here is an article telling you there are ‘certain advantages’ to it. Doesn't sound promising, I know.

But hold on a sec, I can prove to you that email as a marketing medium is a cash cow for your business.

Your email is the one place you’re sure to open even if it’s once a week and this is true for most people living in the world. There are 4 billion email users in the world presently and that number will increase to 4.6 billion in 2025. This means your target audience most likely owns and actively uses their emails. 

advantages of email marketing

Let’s dive into the perks. Here are 5 five advantages of email marketing for your business. 


  1. It’s easier to personalize: 


In the imagination exercise at the beginning I mentioned being personal. As humans we love to feel special, seen, and appreciated. And this isn’t about knowing the first or last names of your contacts. This is about meeting your contacts halfway. With emails, you can use information gotten from Customer Data Platforms and Customer Relationship Management systems to design a buyer’s journey synced with email sequences that give your contacts that feeling of being special. You really can’t do this on any other platform. 


  1. It has great success stories: 


I won’t lie to you, transparency isn't the order of the day in the email marketing world. But there are stories that continue to convince us that email marketing is worth the shot. Watsi, a nonprofit was backed by Y Combinator in 2013, a pretty big deal and the first nonprofit to become backed by the company. Grace Garey, marketing head for Watsi achieved this success by adopting email marketing. The goal of their campaign was to get Watsi users to sign up for the Fund. And it worked!


 In the same vein, the Obama Campaign Team was able to raise $690 million for the campaign in 2012 through email marketing. These stories and more like them inspire hope that it may happen for your business too. 


  1. It's cheaper to keep people in the loop and interested:


Using television, Facebook, or Twitter ads to maintain top-of-mind awareness is cool. But it isn’t always successful and can be frustrating. 


Well, not emails. Even when you’re out of stock, your relationship with your contacts doesn’t have to go sour. You can keep them in the loop and interested in your brand at a much cheaper rate and more effectively. 


  1. Your investment is totally worth it: 


The average Return On Investment for email marketing in 2021 was $36 for every $1 spent. What’s better, 4 out of 5 marketers will rather leave social media than forsake emails. It isn’t because of freebies, follow the money. Now remember this is an average, you could get more or less, but one thing is guaranteed, you’ll get your money’s worth back. 


  1. You own your platform: 


When you choose email-dom, you become a premier, a respected one. You aren’t subject to the whims and bots of Elon Musk or Mark Zuckerberg. Emails have lasted this long for a reason and one of them is the autonomy email marketers get. Having this kind of power is great, you get to choose the direction and lead the way.  


How Do You Start with Email Marketing?


You only get advantages when taking an action. 


Ths first action you want to take is to decide what you want to gain from email marketing. You may have a singular reason for riding this train and that is okay. When you decide what you what, talk to an email strategist and make a plan around how your business can benefit from that intention. Note that there is no quick success and you must be in it for the long haul to get the quality your business deserves. 


You also don’t need a fancy budget to start, some Email Service Providers cost less than $20 a month. Where you will be spending money is in hiring an email strategist and copywriter, employing the services of CRMs and CDPs, and so on. Mind you, all parts are important in getting the results you desire.


So, there you have it. Have you adopted email marketing for your business? Do you plan on adopting it? Are there any specific problems you’re facing? Leave your comments and thoughts below.  

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  1. I need to work on my email marketing more and these are nice advanges. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Riyah Speaks says:

    I’ve definitely noticed a difference in retention and readership once I started focusing on more email marketing. Great post!

  3. Ooh I love this! Email marketing is currently on my list of blog tasks to do so it was great reading about the advantages. I have to admit the personal touch is definitely what made me consider it to begin with! Thank you so much for sharing.

  4. I have yet to get to grips with/start email marketing as I generally dislike receiving it myself so not sure I necessarily want to go down that route. This info was really helpful though and I may have to see what would work/be suitable for me to try out.

    • sarahclarke says:

      Thank you, I’m glad you found this information helpful.

  5. These advantages seem to best apply once you’ve already built up a substantial user base to send emails to, which is why it’d be better than advertising. But what are the amazing benefits of email marketing if you don’t already have a big user base?

    • sarahclarke says:

      Even if you have 10 emails to start, that is a step in the right direction 🙂

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