5 Simple Tips to Boost your SEO Using Pinterest

5 Simple Tips to Boost your SEO Using Pinterest

five simple tips to boost your seo using pinterest

Five Simple Tips to Boost Your SEO Using Pinterest

Five simple tips to boost your SEO using Pinterest.  If one of your goals is to have your website and business showing higher in Google search results than part of your digital marketing strategy must include Pinterest.  Pinterest is not just a social media platform.  You can use it to tap into the powerful search engine visibility of social media platforms – Pinterest is highly indexed by Google and will drive more traffic to your website than any other platform.

1. Optimize your Pinterest Profile to include Keywords

Okay so before you even start – you need to know which keywords you want to be found for on Google. So for example – I would love to be ranked high for the search term “Social Media Consultant”. I can use my Pinterest Profile to do this by including those words in my Pinterest BIO. There are only 160 characters in your bio on Pinterest so use them wisely.  Have a list of 5 to 10 initial keywords, and then build your list from there.  Google Keyword Planner is a wonderful tool for keyword suggestions.

2. Claim your Website on Pinterest

This is an important step that will not only boost your Pinterest account, but also your pingbacks and backlinks for SEO purposes. Pinterest will now give you attribution for content and link everything back to your website. So this is good for SEO, website traffic, and Pinterest growth.  Simply follow the steps in Pinterest under the “claim your website option”.  

If you are struggling with this or any other part of your digital marketing tasks, perhaps consider outsourcing them to the amazing team at Dufferin Media.  They offer budget friendly Pinterest Service packages, and the Pinterest Manager is incredible.

3. Name Pinterest Boards to match Keywords

This is a very cool and very effective tool for SEO. Name your Pinterest Boards using your Keywords! I’ve used this for smaller local businesses with great success. Pinterest boards are indexed very quickly by Google and will usually show up on the first page of results. Furthermore when you are setting up your Pinterest Boards – there is a description you can add – this is another perfect place to include your keywords. Here Pinterest allows 500 characters – so you can really go keyword heavy.

4. Give your Pins Titles that match Keywords

When you are pinning content to your boards, give the pins titles that include your keywords. The beautiful thing about Pinterest is that it is actually encouraged to add lots of content daily – so you can’t overdo this. The titles of Pins are usually indexed by Google Images. 

5. Use Keywords in your Pin Descriptions

There are 500 characters available to use to describe each PIN. Use this section carefully to describe your PIN while embedding your keywords in the paragraphs.

Pinterest is one of my favourite tools to use to improve search results on Google. I highly suggest if being found on google is a goal of your business you include Pinterest in your social media marketing strategy.


Don’t forget to link all of your PINS to your website so you get the benefit of the website traffic too.  If you would like to discuss your Pinterest Marketing Strategy please CONTACT ME


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