5 Weeks to Success

5 Weeks to Success

5 weeks to success with sarah clarke media strategist

Are You Lacking a Clear Marketing Plan?

You are not alone!  I know you have a dream, and you have goals, but you might be floundering a bit on how to create and implement a strategy that will get you there.

Many entrepreneurs, bloggers, and business owners struggle with clearly defining their brand, clearly defining a marketing strategy, and then implementing the plan, despite knowing this is what they need to do in order to achieve success.  


I offer a 5 week one-on-one coaching package that will help guide you towards building your business.

Together we will work on:

Branding:  making sure your branding foundations are firmly established.  This includes name, logo, colour scheme, font set, tagline, mission statement, and more.

Goals:  we will outline clearly your short and long term goals so that we can create a marketing strategy to help you achieve them.

Marketing Strategy:  we will create a marketing strategy that will outline step by step the actions needed to reach your goals.  

Implementation:  I will help guide you to implement your strategies and tactics that may include screen share tutorials/training 

At the end of the 5 weeks you will have a Branding Guide for your business, a Marketing Strategy, a Marketing Calendar, and a clear list of what actions to take each month and week to move your business forward.




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I'm excited to meet you and I'd love to learn more about your business!  

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Complete disclosure time so you are not left guessing!  My 5 week program consists of 5 weeks one hour one-on-one zoom coaching calls.  The fee for the program is $1,000.  I offer ongoing monthly support after our initial program of one coaching session per month at a rate of $200.

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