August 28th National Power Rangers Day

August 28th National Power Rangers Day

National Power Rangers Day

How fun is this?  National Power Rangers Day – awesome.  Today is Tuesday August 28th

National Power Rangers Day – Did you Know that the original Power Rangers aired in 1993?

A closeknit band of teenagers in fictional Angel Grove, Calif., transforms into a uniformed team of superheroes ready to take on any villains. Their primary focus is Rita Repulsa, a space villainess captured long ago by the wise sage Zordon and inadvertently freed by astronauts. Zordon recruits the teens to help him recapture Rita, and later to battle against Lord Zedd, Rito Revolto, and Master Vile. First episode date: August 28, 1993 Final episode date: November 27, 1995

Today is also:

National Bow Tie Day

National Cherry Turnover Day



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