Author Feature: Jasmin Hajro

Author Feature: Jasmin Hajro


Author Feature: Jasmin Hajro

Please help me in celebrating independent author, Jasmin Hajro.  Jasmin is the author of over 50 books, but his story behind the books is what really resonated with me and made me want to feature him as an entrepreneur and author.

First let me talk about this book.  "How To Double Door To Door Sales In One Month .... Guaranteed!" 

This is a book about experience and human behaviour.  Learned and observed through struggle and perseverance.  Jasmin created his own business selling packages of greeting cards door to door, and he is sharing what he learned through his experienced with the readers of this book to help them be successful at selling strategies.  In my perception, selling cold calling door to door might just be the most difficult sales job in the world.  So how can you become successful at this type of challenging sales situation?  And how can you apply these principals to other sales and marketing roles?  Jasmin will help you with the answers to both of these questions in his book.


Overcoming Adversity

Jasmin has an incredible story of overcoming war in Bosnia, alcoholism, drug addiction, and mental illness.  I don't share this much publicly, but I too am a sober alcoholic in recovery and suffer from anxiety and depression.  Mental illness can be a real barrier in business success, as I have experienced many times myself.  I am very inspired by Jasmin's story about starting his business selling greeting cards for charity and having the courage to push through challenges and not just run a successful business, but also giving back to his community, while writing and publishing over 50 books!

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I encourage you to connect with Jasmin, and purchase his book right away to help you master the fine art of selling.  Having a winning sales strategy can benefit you long term in so many ways, both in your business and personal life.  Onwards towards success, and in the art of collaboration over competition, and supporting each other always in our lives.

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Jasmin Hajro

About the Author

My name is Jasmin Hajro, I was born on july 6th 1985 in Bosnia. During the war, we fled to the Netherlands.

I am the business owner of company Hajro, that sells greetingcards, giftmugs and my books.

For more info please visit

I have written over 50 books, because I like writing and to help people, by sharing my knowledge and experience.

My books will help you to reduce stress and live happy, live healthier, double or triple your sales, build wealth or a strong pension, get yourself and your business through tough times and crisis, really attract money and enjoy true stories.

For more info and 10 free ebooks, please visit my author website at

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