back to school back to reality

Back to School, Back to Reality

Mixed emotions today as I send my children back to school. I feel sad that the summer is over as I was really enjoying the time at home with the kids, the lazy mornings, the later nights. I was enjoying the loose schedules and the relaxed days. Don’t get me wrong, I was working literally every day – even when we were away camping. That’s the beautiful part of running my own business, my hours and work location are very flexible. And there really wasn’t a slow down this summer as I had sort of expected. If anything I was busier with clients and business development and sales than any summer previously.

back to school back to reality

Today I sent my oldest off to his final year of high school. How does the time go by so quickly? It just seems like yesterday I was dropping him off for his first day of preschool. Him kicking and screaming the entire time, and me running off to cry hysterically in my car. Time literally whizzes by especially when measured in how fast children grow. So yeah I guess from a personal point of view today I’m feeling sad, and emotional about the end of summer and the fact that my children are growing up far too quickly.

My beautiful Ella is heading into Grade 8. GAWK I’m going to have two graduations in June lord help me. And my youngest off she goes into Grade 6. No I’m not crying……..

Now back to reality right? Fall means that my personal schedule will be jam packed with kids activities, juggling driving them all over the place and making sure they have lunches, homework done, etc. I look forward to some quieter weekends, and this year I intentionally scheduled in 2 weeknights AT HOME period! So we can have dinner together as a family, maybe play some board games (we love Catan!) and not be rushing all over town 5 nights a week. It can be exhausting!

But on the other end back to a routine with my work schedule too. I actually love the way that the beginning of fall feels like the start of a whole new year with my business goals. I am looking forward to working on my audacious goals for the rest of the year, and already planning my 2020 marketing calendar. So I feel excited and motivated and recharged to tackle the digital marketing world. Look out!!!!

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