5 Tips to Improve Social Media Engagement

5 Tips to Increase Engagement on Social Media

5 Tips to Increase Engagement on Social Media If one of your goals is to increase the engagement on your social media platforms then you are not alone.  This is one of the top discussions I have on a regular basis with clients.  It is wonderful if your social media accounts have lots of followers…
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podcast with Sarah Clarke Media Strategist

Podcast: Staying Alive UK

I met Michael de Groot on a Twitter Chat and was honoured when he reached out and asked it I would be a guest on his podcast.  We have a great chat and I think we both learned from each other.  You can listen here:   LISTEN TO PODCAST  

5 ways to build quality backlinks

5 Way to Gain Quality Backlinks for SEO

5 Ways to Gain Quality Backlinks for SEO “93% of online experiences begin with a search engine” There is no getting away from the fact that backlinks remain one of Google’s top three ranking factors, and that it is unlikely to change any time soon. (SEMRUSH) What is a Backlink and Why is it Important? A…
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Young Entrepreneur Feature Evan's SMILE Wax Melts

Young Entrepreneur Feature: Evan’s SMILE Wax Melts

One day while mindlessly scrolling through Facebook I came across this post in Marketplace that stopped me cold and grabbed my heart: “My son Evan was diagnosed at 3.5 & his dream is to own a store of his own! He is helping me making wax melts branded by his own name!! Evan’s SMILE wax…
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how to shop safely online

The Online Corner: Shopping Online….Safely

ONLINE SHOPPING … SAFELY This is the online version of the article as published in Snapd Dufferin for the February 2021 edition In 2021, over 2.14 billion people worldwide are expected to buy goods and services online, up from 1.66 billion global digital buyers in 2016 (source www.statistica.com)   As a business owner you are…
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how to use linkedin to grow your business

How to Use LinkedIn to Grow Your Business

How to Use LinkedIn to Grow Your Business What Is LinkedIn? LinkedIn is the LARGEST professional network in the WORLD! LinkedIn is a business and employment-oriented service that operates via websites and mobile apps. Founded on December 28, 2002, and launched on May 5, 2003, it is mainly used for professional networking. IMPORTANT LINKEDIN STATISTICS…
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digital marketing trends


The Online Corner, Submitted to https://dufferin.snapd.com by Sarah Clarke, Media Strategist and Founder of Dufferin Media as appears in the January 2021 print version. TRENDS TO WATCH FOR IN 2021…ONLINE Happy New Year everyone!  I hope the beginning of 2021 finds you and your family safe and healthy.  2020 was a year of unbelievable challenges…
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helping nonprofits in Kenya

Update on the Child I am Sponsoring from Kenya – A Christmas Gift for Teddy

In a recent conversation that I was having with Dave Hatfield, founder of the Living Stone Global Foundation, he mentioned how in the community right now because of the extreme poverty caused by Covid, the needs of the children and the families have really switched back to the basic necessities of life.  As school staff were venturing out to…
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ways to give online

The Online Corner – Ways to Give….ONLINE

The Online Corner, Submitted by Sarah Clarke, Media Strategist and Founder of Dufferin Media to the December edition of https://dufferin.snapd.com WAYS TO GIVE….ONLINE   Ahhhh..2020.  Who would have ever thought that at this time last year we were facing so many challenges ahead?  I have found myself reflecting on the many things I may have…
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preparing your business for the new year

Savvy Ways to Prep Your Biz For Next Year

Savvy Ways to Prep Your Biz For Next Year A guest blog post by Denise Riches, Virtual Assistant   There’s no way we could have predicted how 2020 was going to go, but it’s probably safe to say that most of us are ready for it to end. The end of the year is a…
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