Social Media Tip Use real photos

Social Media Tip Use Real Photos in Your Content

Social Media Tip: Share REAL photos to increase engagement Day 27 / 365 Tip of the Day: Share REAL photos on your social media channels to increase engagement. We highly suggest that you humanize your social media content by including some REAL photos of your business in your graphics. A recent article suggests that using…
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How to use Social Media to build a successful real estate business

How to use Social Media to Build a Successful Real Estate Business

How to use Social Media to Build a Successful Real Estate Business HOW TO — USE SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING TO BUILD A SUCCESSFUL REAL ESTATE CAREER! Special report provided by Sarah Clarke, Social Media Consultant and owner of Dufferin Media Real Estate can be a gloriously successful career, or it can be tough work with…
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Entrepreneur Tip balance life and work

Entrepreneur Tip Life Work Balance

Entrepreneur Tip: Balance Life & Work and Take Time to Rest & Recharge Tip 26 / 365 Happy Saturday! If you are like me you have a very busy personal life and a very busy business life. It’s hard to balance the two. And I’m a Libra – don’t even get me started about “balance”!!…
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business tip get involved in community events

Get Involved in Community Events

Business Tip / Social Media Tip : Get Involved in Community Events Tip #25/365: Get Involved in Community Events! There are so many ways that your business can get involved in events in your local community. You can sponsor an event, participate in a walk or run for charity, promote / mention local events on…
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are press releases still good for SEO

Are Press Releases Still Good for SEO

Are Press Release Still Good for SEO? The importance of using press release as an SEO tool are often questioned as there are plenty of other means to deliver top company news to the reader / subscriber / client such as SMM, Google Business or e-mail newsletter. Press releases are communicative tools that make it…
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content tip for social media use #tbt to increase engagement

What is #TBT and How to Use it

Social Media Tip – Use #TBT To Increase Engagement What is #TBT? This is a popular hashtag used to celebrate “Throw back Thursday”. It is widely used to share OLD posts and is an awesome way to create engagement with your audience – and have some fun too! YES you should only share this type…
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Facebook Tip – Comment on Posts from your Business Page

Facebook Tip: Comment on other posts from your Facebook Page Tip # 23 / 365 This is a quick and easy task you can do to increase reach and engagement for your Facebook Business Page. On Facebook the algorithms are such that more engagement = your content is favoured more by Facebook. So one of…
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Post to Facebook Group about Orangeville Pet Store Goes Viral

A recent post made to a Facebook Group about an Orangeville Pet Store Goes Viral A concerned visitor to an Orangeville pet store snapped some pictures and posted her concerns online to a Facebook Group “Working together to save pets”. The post immediately started getting shared all over Facebook. Furthermore a petition was launched on…
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Email Marketing Tip – Segment Your Contact List

Email Marketing Tip – Segment Your Contacts into Lists If you are using email communication as part of your marketing strategy then you are already ahead of the game! Collecting customers emails and potential customers emails takes time and resources. Creating and executing email blasts again this takes up quite a bit of time and…
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social media tip plan ahead

Social Media Tip – Plan Ahead

Social Media Tip – Plan Ahead and Create a Marketing Calendar Life sure is busy – so how on earth will you ever keep up with everything? One of my favourite tools is to plan ahead for any of my own social media networks or for my clients and create a content / marketing calendar.…
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