Branding Foundations for your business

Branding Foundations

The 3 Most Important Branding Foundations for your Business

Branding Foundations for your business

As I was exploring my “why” in this recent post I then had a desire to circle back to my personal branding foundation because I think it’s time I firmed up my business name, logo, and tagline. I always suggest these foundations for my business clients, so it’s probably wise to implement myself right?

Business Branding Foundation #1: Business Name

If you are a brick and mortar business with a store front or a service business or restaurant you probably have firmly established your business name. Where I see this being an issue is with solopreneurs such as real estate agents, mortgage agents, coaches, and other entrepreneurs.

The reason that you want to firmly and clearly establish your name so that there is never any brand confusion. When a potential client is looking for you online you are easy to find using your “business name”. A great example of a firmly established business name is for a client I am working with out of Barrie who is a mortgage agent. We established his business name to be “Mortgages by Todd” even though his name is Todd Bossie and the desk he is at is with Momentum Mortgage, who are under the Rock Capital Investments umbrella. You can see his dilemma when we were first trying to establish his presence online. Now after a few months his business name makes him easy to remember and easy to find. And the name is SEO friendly (it includes the word mortgages right in the name!)

The point here is that when you are establishing your business name for branding purposes it is consistent on everything. Website, email, social media, google, right down to your email signature. It will help you with clarity and direction, and potential clients remember you.

I wrote more about establishing your business name in this article:

Business Branding Foundation #2: Logo

After you have firmly established your business name now it is time to make sure you have a professional logo. For my personal brand right now I am using my black and white headshot. That in my opinion for now is fine, as long as I use it consistently on all of my social media profiles and social media graphics.

If you are looking for a new logo, Dufferin Media now offers budget friendly and professional Logo Design for only $300.

Business Branding Foundation #3: Tagline

A tagline is a short memorable phrase which tells your audience at a glance what you are about and what you want to be remembered for. In recent years I also encourage business owners to consider if your tagline lends itself to a hashtag.

a tagline is a short text which serves to clarify a thought for, or is designed with a form of, dramatic effect.

When I established Dufferin Media I choose the tagline “In business to help your business succeed online” and I’ve never changed that, nor do I plan to. It really says exactly what I want to communicate in one sentence.

I am now looking at a tagline for my personal brand, and struggling a little because I want to use the words “help” “goals” and create a hashtag from it. So stay tuned as the brainstorming continues.

Do you have your business branding foundations firmly established? Think of building a house. If you don’t build the foundation firmly or strategically at the end of the day your house might crumble. Same with your business.

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