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Branding Tip: Make sure your profiles are consistent all of your social media

Branding Tip: Make Sure That All of your Profiles are Consistent on Social Media

Day#112/365 Daily Tips. I usually have a list of the month in advance of topics and tips I want to share or explore. This one just kind of cropped up again as I came across a business that had very different messages in their profiles on Instagram vs. Facebook. So I am just sharing a reminder that Branding is important to a business of any size, and part of Branding is sharing a clear and consistent message about who your business is.

branding tips

How to create an amazing social media profile bio

What is the main message in one small sentence that defines you? Perhaps it is your tagline or main product or service. When you are preparing your social media bio try to keep it short (so it will fit on Fwitter) and make sure to include keywords. Social Media Profiles & Bios are indexed by Google. So including Keywords in your profile is a powerful way to rank higher. It is OK to have a longer version of your Bio for the About section on Facebook vs the short Twitter and Instagram, but it would be my suggestion the first parts are exactly the same.

How Many Characters are in each Social Media Bio:

Facebook Page Description: 155 Characters
Twitter: 160 characters
Instagram: 150 characters
LinkedIN: 1000 characters
Pinterest: 160 characters

If you are looking for assistance with optimizing your social media profiles or any part of your social media management please don’t hesitate to reach out via email or any member of the Dufferin Media

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