Build your Own Online Business Workshop Series in Orangeville

start your own online business workshop orangeville ontario

Build Your OWN Online Business Workshop Series

Purpose of this Workshop Series

The purpose of this workshop series is to create and build an online business / website from inception to promotion.  As a team we will work through each step together in a collaborative supportive environment.  Whether you are interested in starting your own lifestyle blog, becoming an online influencer, or selling crafts online, this workshop will give you the foundations to set your own online business up for success.

  1. To EXPAND on your knowledge of digital marketing
  2. To learn ADVANCED features of each social media platform
  3. To show you tips & tricks you can implement to accelerate your social media efforts
  4. To collaborate and help other workshop members learn and grow
  5. To work in a hands on environment actually working on YOUR business / website 

We will be working together for the next 4 months to create and implement an online business for you that will have the ability to generate revenue and make you money.

Thursdays from 3:30 - 5:30

February 13th to May 28th

1 hour “instruction”

1 hour hands on - collaboration, q&a one on one training


Create Branding, including a name, logo, tagline, mission statement.

Create a goal / strategy document 

Create a website with online store / ad revenue 

Create and optimize social media profiles

Implement your marketing plan across social media channels 

Create and schedule content

Build audiences

Create blog posts

Engage with others

We will do extended work with paid advertising on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Extended work with Pinterest

Implement SEO tactics to our websites

Monitor results and revenue via Google Analytics, and other sources.

Rough outline

Month 1: Branding, Goals & Strategy

Month 2:  Website & social media set up 

Month 3: Social Media Content - creation, scheduling, growing your audience

Month 4:  Paid advertising, Pinterest & Tailwind

Investment $200/month

Costs - Godaddy hosting / SSL approx $30, paid ads - suggest an allocation of $50 for demonstration purposes


To sign up please complete the form below or email me