business alliance between dufferin media and snapd dufferin caledon

Business Alliance with Snapd Dufferin Caledon

Press Release: Dufferin Media and Snapd Dufferin Caledon form Strategic Business Alliance

business alliance between dufferin media and snapd dufferin caledon

Full press release here:

What started as some casual conversation over a few cups of coffee quickly clicked into a formal business alliance between Victoria and I. I truly believe that the universe puts people in your path at exactly the right time and place. Starting out this year I established a number of goals for my business, one of which was to expand into networking and marketing in my hometown of Orangeville, Ontario. I really haven’t done much promotion of Dufferin Media locally, most of our business and clients come to us via word of mouth and many are not local. I am a small town girl at heart, and would love to do more business in Orangeville. So one of my goals this year was to expand and gain more clients for website design and social media management in Orangeville, Caledon and Dufferin County.

When I started talking to Victoria it really was to become an advertiser in Snapd Dufferin both in the paper and online. Our conversations took a turn when we realized that we both had mutual goals and business needs that we could help each other with. Victoria’s goal is to grow and build her online presence via social media, which I can help her with, and my goal is to promote and brand my business more locally – which she can help me with – so a natural alliance was formed.

I absolutely love the vibe of the Snapd Dufferin paper – it is all good news and local community. It is our local “happy” paper! Totally aligns with my goals that you all know are important to me. And if you don’t – basically I try to stay completely out of drama and negativity and help those in need however I can.

This is an amazing opportunity and I hope that I can find other like minded entrepreneurs in my ventures to join with so we can all help grow each others businesses together. What a gift. We rise by lifting others. When one of us succeeds, so do we all. I really look forward to working with Victoria and Snapd Dufferin / Caledon and hope the alliance is beneficial to the community as well.

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