Business Feature: Alley Hassen

Business Feature: Alley Hassen

Business Feature Alley Hassen

Business Feature: Alley Hassen

Please help me in celebrating business owner, Alley Hassen, founder of

I talk to many e-commerce business owners who struggle with expanding their business online - in comes a professional like Alley who 100% focuses on scaling e-commerce businesses.  In addition to being a Shopify Partner, she is a Klavyio Partner to help online stores master the world of automated email marketing.  

Learn more about what Alley and her team offers below:

Business Name
Business Owner Name Alley Hassen
Location Orlando, Florida
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Main contact name Alley
Email [email protected]
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How did you get started in business?

From the Orlando, Florida area, Alley Hassen is a mom, wife, UCF alumnus, former teacher, and Jacksonville Jaguar fan.


Thanks to the profound impact of the available high school career programs, Alley has been involved in graphic design, communication, and marketing since 15 years old. Photography has been a foot-in-the door for many opportunities and was the foundation for her first business.


Alley spent 6 years as a high school graphic design and web design teacher for Seminole County Public Schools where she supported hundreds of students in earning certification for Adobe, HTML, CSS, and Microsoft Office. In 2019, she was invited to re-write the Florida State Standards for these topics. She supported her site as a communications chair, managed their website, and led their social media and email channels.


In 2012, Alley built her first Shopify website for a client transitioning from Etsy. Now, Alley and her team support Shopify brands who are crossing into 7-figure years. Services for Shopify include website builds and customization to improve conversion rate. She is a Klaviyo partner providing tactical email marketing that drives revenue and customer retention. Her support has enabled brands to reach their first 6-figure months.

If your brand has personality, your team buys right (most of the time), and falls into one of these categories below, we’re ready to chat!


sustainable brands  •  social impact brands  •  bipoc-owned brands  •  women-owned brands

We're currently accepting clients for done-for-you marketing services who can say yes to at least TWO of the following: micro-influencer strategy, video-heavy social strategy, ad spend. No startups unless you have an audience to support it.

Our mission to support ecommerce brands also aligns with our goal to give back to high school technical education programs.


Current goals of your business You are seeing success with in person and online sales and want to grow. You’re a woman with a mission, and you created a physical product brand. You did it! I see you! 

Online stores have unique needs and we’ve helped brands like yours expand their reach, impact, and revenue. If your brand is… a sustainable brand, social impact brand, bipoc-owned brand, women-owned brand, or you’ve developed proprietary products… we invite you to be part of Shopify Like A Boss: an online course and community for those who are ready to take their Shopify store to the next level.

Doors opening soon ->

Current challenges of your business Most new ecommerce brands are unsure why they “don’t get any traffic”... we have support and solutions for that. However, what’s most important is proving that the market is ready for your offer and your audience has been identified. Once that happens, our marketing supports magical growth.

I highly suggest if you are in the business of selling online you reach out to Alley for a consult, and for sure connect with her on her social media channels.  She is an expert in the field and if you want to really experience success, outsourcing and trusting professionals will get you there much faster.

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