Business Feature: Denise Williams

Business Feature: Denise Williams

Denise Williams Limitless Wealth Group

Business Feature: Denise Williams

Please help me in celebrating business owner, Denise Williams, founder of Limitless Wealth Group LLC.  Denise is a Life and Health Insurance Broker, Generational Wealth and Retirement Preservation Specialist.  

As someone who was raised in a very unstable financial situation, I feel like money issues have followed me into adulthood and all I strive for is financial security, peace, and the ability to help my children financially.  Denise's concept of generational wealth really hits home as it is something I would like to create in my family.  I love the energy and reassuring sense of trust that Denise brings to her messaging.  

Learn more about what Denise offers below:

Business Name Limitless Wealth Group LLC
Business Owner Name Denise Williams
Location 152 Simsbury Road, Avon, CT 06001
Social Media Links Link Tree: 


IG:  denise__williams__


Main contact name Denise Williams
Email [email protected]
What does your business do?  

What problem does your business solve?  

How did you get started in business?

I am a Generational Wealth Creation Strategist who uses Life and Health insurance to establish and foster my client’s goals.  

My business supports small business owners, families, homeowners, and Medicare members to get connected with solutions that will support them with becoming their own bank, asset protection, cash flow, retirement solutions, affordable access to health care options. My business also brings awareness to your health being your wealth. With Limitless 101 LLC, wellness services such as yoga, meditation, and nature walks that incorporate movement and stillness are offered to promote and encourage being mindful of our health, which is our main currency.   

From my successful and eventful 18 year long career in social work, I transitioned into health and wellness and eventually full time into the insurance space as I learned more and more how it could really support generational wealth and increase access to health care options that most people are not aware of or do not understand.  

Based upon my spirited desire to truly help others with what they could tangibly use for generations to come, Limitless 101 LLC and then Limitless Wealth Group LLC were born.  

Current goals of your business Current goals for Limitless Wealth Group LLC include bringing more awareness to how to create and facilitate generational wealth as it pertains to small business owners, families, homeowners, and Medicare members.  This expansion is taking place virtually as well as in person in CT, NY, NJ, and PA.  The goal is to provide a trusted space for interested individuals to be free in acquiring knowledge and also implementing the necessary steps to achieve their goals.  
Current challenges of your business Current challenges for Limitless Wealth Group LLC as you may imagine is finding a way to share this information on a bigger scale so we are more knowledgeable of the possibilities available that can make dreams come true for generations to come.  Equally, challenging is breaking down stigmas and generalizations that come with assumed knowledge about these concepts as well as populations that lack access to proper health care solutions, and finally the stigmas that come with being a woman of color sharing this kind of information in this space.  


This really stood out to me:

wellness services such as yoga, meditation, and nature walks that incorporate movement and stillness are offered to promote and encourage being mindful of our health, which is our main currency.   

How true is that message - health is our main currency.  And it is so true.  Without our health, we do not have the ability to spend the time working or generating wealth.  A great reminder that I need to take more time to meditate and do my walking outdoors.  I know that I always feel better, and clearer headed when I take care of myself first.  

Please connect with Denise on all of her social media channels and check out the video below for more information on Limitless Wealth Group, LLC.

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