Business Feature : Hatchwise

Business Feature : Hatchwise

business feature Hatchwise

Business Feature : Hatchwise

Business Feature : Hatchwise

I'm pleased to publish this Business Feature : Hatchwise "The Crowdsourced Creative Industry"

I met Annie, one of the team members at Hatchwise, over on Facebook as part of a group connection.  I actually meet quite a few amazing people on Facebook Groups.  She told me about Hatchwise, and I was really interested in their business model.  

They offer logo and design and other services by running contests so multiple submissions can be potential "winners" and the client gets to review multiple concepts.  

To fully understand this process I worked with Annie, and Hatchwise, and held a logo design contest - where one of my own winners James Heath, who runs his own Youtube channel had the opportunity to have a new logo design created.

So Easy To Get Started on the Logo Design

The first step in the process was to create a contest from the link on their homepage "Launch Contest".  There are lots of options for any business or graphic design need such as Logo Design, Banner Design, Icon Design and so many more.  For our purpose we selected "Logo Design", and Start This Contest.

This brings you to a page where you fill in all of the information about your project and what you envision for your logo design.  By far my favourite feature was the slider option as seen below allowing us to indicate the look, tone and feel we imagined.

Hatchwise logo slider

This creates the design brief for the project, and you can choose the amount you are willing to pay for the design.  Once live, the contest goes to multiple graphic designers to submit entries, which in this case were sample logos.

The contest runs for several days, in which time multiple entries will be submitted by some clearly very talented graphic designers.  In total the contest we ran received 55 entries.

The client loved being able to choose from so many potential logo styles.  Here are some of the entries below:

logo design

logo design 2

Requesting Logo Changes

Once James selected a logo that he really liked he had a few minor changes he was hoping to get.  By logging into the Hatchwise dashboard I was easily able to navigate to the contest entry we liked and submit a request to the design for a few changes via their direct messaging system.  The designer responded almost immediately and had the changes done within 24 hours.  I was very impressed by the timely response.

Once we had the changes back from the designer, we awarded the winner of the contest, and within 24 hours (again very fast) received all file formats for the approved logo. (including a black and white version!)

The Final Logo for Killing It Country:


final logo killing it country

What James Had to Say:

"I had often thought about having a logo made for my YouTube channel but I never knew where to start. Hatchwise’s logo design process is very straightforward! Answer a few basic questions, give the artists some direction and just sit back and watch the ideas come in. Once you see something you like, you can ask the designer to make small changes and alterations to work towards your finished product! I would absolutely recommend Hatchwise’s logo design process as well as the services of Sarah Clarke from Dufferin Media. Thanks so much for this opportunity! I run a modest outdoor YouTube channel called “Killing It Country” where you’ll see snow removal, lawn care, equipment maintenance, DIY projects, family content and more."


If you are a graphic designer, creator or digital artist you can join up to become part of the Hatchwise creative community.  This is an amazing way to work with real clients, on real work, for regular payouts.  More Info on becoming a creator here.

More Information on Hatchwise and How to Find Them

Here is more information on Hatchwise and all of their links. I highly suggest trying them out for your next graphic design project!  You will find their technology very user friendly, and the results I'm confident will exceed your expectations.  By allowing multiple freelancers to bid on your projects, you will certainly find a winner, and possibly even something more creative than you might have imagined.

Types of contests that we hold: https://www.hatchwise.com/launch-contest

Twitter: https://twitter.com/hatchwise

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