Business Feature: Hooked On Travel

Business Feature: Hooked On Travel

Hooked Alcohol Free Travel Adventure

Hooked On Travel

Through a chance meeting on Instagram, I became acquainted with the incredible entrepreneurs of this business, HOOKED on Travel, Alcohol Free Travel.  As a woman in recovery, I certainly see the need for this type of solution for those that are either in recovery or looking for a more grounded travel experience.  When I was drinking, travel meant a constant state of intoxication.  I was either drunk or hung over, and didn't get to enjoy the experience as much as I could have.  Now that I am sober, I find travelling has taken on an entirely new level of enjoyment.  I get to experience every second of each trip (usually camping) 100% present in the moment.

Thank you April and Darci for sharing your story with me, and I'm proud to feature and celebrate your business!

Business Name  HOOKED – Alcohol Free Travel Adventure
Business Owner  


April Angelini & Darci Murray
Location  Burnaby, British Columbia Canada
Website  www.hooked-on-travel.com
Social Media Links  FACEBOOK - https://www.facebook.com/hookedalcoholfreetravel 

TWITTER - https://twitter.com/Hookedontravel_ 

YOUTUBE - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCb1Z0UAnuec3VZTomSzMX5g

INSTAGRAM - https://www.instagram.com/hookedalcoholfreetravel/ 

LINKEDIN - https://www.linkedin.com/company/hooked-on-travel/ 



LINKTR.EE - https://linktr.ee/hooked_on_travel

Main contact name  Darci or April
Email  hookedtraveladventure@gmail.com
What does your  

business do? What  problem does your  business solve?  

How did you get started in business? 

WHAT DO WE DO? We are an alcohol-free travel company  promoting ‘full sensory travel’! Being alcohol free heightens your  awareness drastically. Colors become brighter, food tastes better,  touch is more intense. In this full sensory state, we introduce the  element of travel making your brand new experience in an unfamiliar place euphoric! Our goal is to get clients hooked on healthy habits!  Some of our clients may choose to live a life without alcohol, some  maybe taking a healthy reset and some may simply be up for a health  challenge. Traveling in a full sensory state makes traveling both an  internal and external adventure. We are all about self-development  and using travel as a way to help propel our community into being the  best version of themselves. 

WHAT DO WE SOLVE? Its trendy to be sober these days. People  are becoming more and more health conscious. There is not a lot of  options for sober people to travel as a group. The activities that clean  living people are interested in is different that a drinker. Our itinerary  is packed full of healthy habits from the minute you wake up till  bedtime! We even have a 5:00 am club! Robin Sharma is one of our  mentors. 5:00 am – the hour of you! Exercise, learn something new  and plan out your day! 

HOW DID WE GET STARTED IN BUSINESS? We have known each  other for years through a local swim club our kids attended and  stayed in touch via social media. I (Darci) have been a travel agent  forever and very active in my local sober community. When I saw April  had become a sober coach (August 2021) I asked April to coffee. We  started talking about travel and putting one simple group together.  Then we realized we were onto something and that there is a strong  need for sober travel so we decided to turn our one trip idea into a  company and HOOKED was born! Both of us loved the show Down  to Earth with Zan Efron (in recovery) and Darin Olien (Superfood  Guru). We picked Iceland as it’s a hot destination, one of the cleanest  places in the world, full of adventure and we are literally following in  the footsteps these two men took in episode 1!

Current goals of your  business We have 15 spots left on our inaugural trip on September 01 2022.  We need to fill this trip and have a videographer present with us. We  need the images, videos, testimonials from trip one so that we can  expand into the travel tradeshow circuit and showcase our concept  properly.
Current challenges of  your business What we are presenting is brand new. We need help getting the word  out there. It’s common knowledge that the end result of traveling is  self growth. But there is nothing out there promoting people to sign up  for an adventure and be intentional about self growth. Sure, there are  wellness spas and yoga retreats…. but we are an active group with  the common goal of traveling with a community of like-minded 


individuals who are on a journey to be the best version of themselves.

I am totally inspired by this entrepreneurial duo who identified a need, and filled it in a unique and fun solution.  What do you think?  Leave a comment below!

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