Business Feature: Jennifer Tsang

Business Feature: Jennifer Tsang

Jennifer Tsang Coach With Insight

Business Feature: Jennifer Tsang

Business Feature: Jennifer Tsang

Meet Jennifer Tsang - Coach with Insight and Podcast Host.  I met Jennifer on Twitter, another amazing relationship cultivated by Twitter Chats.  Twitter chats are a fun & fast one hour networking event that follow a common hashtag.  Highly recommend adding this into your digital marketing strategy as a way to meet amazing people online. Jennifer is also co-host of a Twitter chat on Wednesdays #LeadersChat.

Please read more about her business below;

Business Name Coach With Insight

In the Lead Show (podcast)

Business Owner Name Jennifer Tsang
Location San Jose, CA
Website www.coachwithinsight.com


Social Media Links www.intheleadshow.com




Main contact name Jennifer Tsang
Email jenn@coachwithinsight.com 
What does your business do?  

What problem does your business solve?  

How did you get started in business?

I work with people who feel misunderstood and want to understand their unique value as leaders. They want to feel their self-worth - people who want to find ways to build leadership for themselves. 

I help them shift the paradigm around leadership and walk alongside them as they get promoted and become the visible, empowered, trusted leaders they want to be.

I saw the need for better leadership. Working in a large fortune 100 company for over 2 decades, I’ve had a front seat to what makes leaders valuable. I saw that much of the leadership development was external and wasn’t producing the results people wanted.

Current goals of your business To continue to work with leaders and organizations to build more conscious, mindful leaders that understand, feel and live their self-worth, every day.
Current challenges of your business My biggest challenge is that I have a lot of ideas and am currently working to bring it all to life. As with any business in growth mode, there are lessons learned and I am really enjoying the challenges in front of me. I see challenges as an opportunity for growth (personally & professionally) and have really worked on embracing them and taking bold action when needed. There’s a lot to learn about leadership as an entrepreneur. 

Please connect with Jennifer on her social media channels, check out her podcast, and you can also check out the Empower Hour Episode where we talked with Jenn about business, entrepreneurship and leadership EMPOWER HOUR PODCAST


Finally if you are interested in having your business featured on my website, or in any other collaboration opportunities please do not hesitate to CONTACT ME


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