Business Feature Shannon Palermo

Business Feature Shannon Palermo

Business Feature Shannon Palermo

Business Feature Shannon Palermo

Business Feature Shannon Palermo

Shannon Palermo, founder of Modern Balance Solutions offers more than just bookkeeping services.  From the moment you land on her website or social media she offers busy business owners a solution.  She offers reassurance.  It is very difficult to manage all of the tasks of running a business, and outsourcing bookkeeping is one way to help you keep your business not just organized and compliant, but also ahead of the game in terms of maximizing your profit and reducing expenses.  Therefore keeping more money and building wealth for you and your family.

From her about page:

I’ve been where you are. It all gets to be too much, and important things end up getting pushed aside.

When I found myself at my breaking point, I made a LIFE CHANGING decision! I chose which aspects of my business fell within my zone of genius, and I outsourced all the rest.

My clients often tell me that numbers aren’t their thing, so it’s a no-brainer for them to choose bookkeeping as the first task to outsource.

I guess it’s good thing that numbers are MY thing!

This is such an important message.  What area is your zone of genius?  What are you best spending your time on?  For me I can relate that it is absolutely NOT bookkeeping.  It is marketing, and strategy.  So this is what I choose to focus on.  I am working towards outsourcing the rest, and I encourage you to do the same in your business.  Read more about Shannon below:

shannon testimonial

Business Name Modern Balance
Business Owner Name Shannon Palermo
Location Coconut Creek, FL, US
Social Media Links Personal FB:

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Main contact name Shannon Palermo
Email [email protected]
What does your business do?  

What problem does your business solve?  

How did you get started in business?

Modern Balance provides bookkeeping and advisory services to coaches, consultants, and creatives all over the US.

As business owners, we try to do allll the things, but that can quickly turn a business you’re passionate about into an overwhelming nightmare, pushing you over the edge. You end up pushing the important tasks aside because you’re too busy putting out fire after fire. (Ask me how I know!)

We’ve found that bookkeeping is often the first task to be outsourced, so we consider ourselves the first line of defense for business owners who want to reclaim the passion for their business. We take all the bookkeeping tasks off your plate and provide you with accurate and timely financial statements that you can use to make confident financial decisions and propel your business to the next level.

In 2018, I started Modern Balance while working full-time for an attorney. Originally, I just wanted to make a little extra money, but that quickly changed. Here we are four years later with a team of four, including myself, two bookkeepers, and an operations manager whom I couldn’t live without. It’s been a wild ride, and I’ve loved (almost) every minute of it.

Current goals of your business Our current #1 goal is to finish the buildout of our SOPs before the end of the year.

Next year, I have a lofty goal to increase revenue by 50% and add one or two more employees to the team.

Current challenges of your business I would say that one of our current challenges goes back to our current goal. It’s been a labor of love for all of us to get the SOPs documented and organized.
Any other comments? Tax season will be here before you know it. Don’t wait until it’s too late to get your bookkeeping cleaned up, caught up, and ready for Uncle Sam. Let us step in, take over, and become your partner in success. 

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Thank you Shannon for connecting with me on Facebook, it is a pleasure to connect with you and feature your business. 

If you are interested in having your business featured on my website & social media please contact me.


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