Business Feature: SMART Organizing

Business Feature: SMART Organizing

SMART Organizing Orangeville

Business Feature: SMART Organizing & Property Management

Business Feature: SMART Organizing & Property Management

Ida Tetlock is an outstanding member of the business community here in Orangeville Ontario.  She currently is a director on the board for our local Dufferin Board of Trade, and has volunteered at the Orangeville Food Bank.  I find Ida to be a very friendly approachable supportive person, and would highly recommend if you are struggling in your personal or business life and feeling overwhelmed - she can and will help you get better organized!

Please read more about her business below;


Business Name SMART Organizing & Property Management
Business Owner Name Ida Tetlock
Location Dufferin County
Website www.smartorganizing.ca
Social Media Links Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ida-tetlock-37a96318/

FB: https://www.facebook.com/SMARTorganizingDufferin

FB Group: Give & Take - Dufferin County and area Facebook group

IG:  https://www.instagram.com/smartorganizing/  

Main contact name Ida Tetlock
Email ida@smartorganizing.ca
What does your business do?  

What problem does your business solve?  

How did you get started in business?

Partnering with individuals and families who may be in a state of situational disorganization in their life, home or business due to significant emotional or traumatic events they had or are experiencing. This may include life planning, marriage, expanding families, blended families, empty nesting, return to nest, career changes, business/office relocations, move ins and move outs, illness or injury, relationship separations, divorce and deaths.  

Creating and restoring order by significantly reducing or removing the chaos and overwhelm experienced through organizing is the basic problem solved through my services. Having an accountability partner to work as much or as little as needed to ensure challenges are faced, prioritized and worked through resulting in positive and life changing outcomes.

Being a constant resource for family, friends and their loved ones, the need for my organizing and support services was continually increasing and that lead to formalizing the services I offered as a small business practice and SMART Organizing was born in 2016.

Current goals of your business The current goals of my organizing practice include normalizing the need and request for support for individuals and families, building community resources through collaboration and connections with other service providers to better serve clients and to continuing building on the life planning services to allow clients to be better prepared to deal life, home & business events when they occur. 
Current challenges of your business The most significant challenge experienced in my practice is hearing people express shame, guilt and embarrassment for finding themselves in need of support. Many have shared feel judged by loved ones and colleagues and suffer through alone. People usually reach out when they are feeling hopeless, overwhelmed, frustrated and stuck, sometimes contemplating for several months or longer before calling. I wish everyone to know that there are professional organizers serving to support in every aspect of life, home & business and there is strength in seeking support when you need it! 

Another challenge is disposal of good, quality household and business items to be reused, repurposed or upcycled. 

Many local donation centers are limited in space capacity and constrained to accept donations. Costs for selling, moving and removal, especially for furniture pieces make it challenging or prohibitive for some clients to release the items and in some cases, keeping them or sending them to the landfill remains the only options. 

I recently created the Give & Take - Dufferin County and area Facebook group to connect residents and businesses to encourage finding alternative ways of releasing, searching for and using items to avoid the landfill where possible.

Any other comments? I encourage anyone who hears their family, friends or colleagues express they are feeling overwhelmed or unable to get through something they are going through, to listen and offer support and refrain from casting judgment.  

Whether it is to simply acknowledge that it’s ok and understandable to feel what they are feeling, extending a helping hand, encouragement to take things one step at a time and taking time they need or recommending they seek support services or finding them the support they need, leading with kindness and an open mind serves them well.

If you would benefit from creating or restoring order in your life, home and business, I encourage you to seek the services of a professional organizer who aligns with your specific needs and supports you with your objectives. 

Please connect Ida on her social media channels.  She services a wide range of areas including Orangeville, Dufferin, Simcoe & Wellington as well as Peel & York.


Finally if you are interested in having your business featured on my website, or in any other collaboration opportunities please do not hesitate to CONTACT ME

Ida Tetlock Orangeville
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