Business Feature: Stonewell Lavender Farm

Business Feature: Stonewell Lavender Farm

stonewell lavender farm ontario

Business Feature: Stonewell Lavender Farm

Business Feature: Stonewell Lavender Farm


I have worked with Lee Anne and Stonewell Lavender Farm for a number of years and I love following along with her story and learning about all of the happenings at the Farm.  I really admire her entrepreneurial spirit and passion for her business.

So much more than just a Lavender Farm, Stonewell is a destination for beautiful photography, an interesting history, and a bed & breakfast.  Located near Erin Ontario, very close to Orangeville and Caledon and not a far drive from Toronto or the GTA, planning a trip to Stonewell would be very well worth it.

And if you can't visit in person, you can order online from a selection of many handcrafted lavender inspired products.  

Looking for a unique and special gift for Mother's Day?

Stonewell Farm's online store features a variety of items such as Lavender Oil, Lavender Infused Room Spray, or the item on my wish list: a Lavender Bud Neck Pillow

Please read more about Lee Anne's business below:

Business Name Stonewell Lavender Farm
Business Owner Name Lee Anne Downey
Location Erin, Ontario Canada
Website www.stonewellfarm.ca
Social Media Links Facebook



Main contact name Lee Anne Downey
Email hello@stonewellfarm.ca
What does your business do?  

What problem does your business solve?  

How did you get started in business?

We are a lavender farm located near Terra Cotta and Belfountain.  We grow English and French lavender which we harvest for dried buds and distill for oil.  We use these two ingredients to make small batch natural lavender products. We have an online store plus a shop at the farm during the growing season that offers over 20 lavender different products. 

I had envisioned growing lavender for many years before buying our farm property.  We started out making products and have evolved into offering mini tours, yoga and art workshops.  

Current goals of your business I would like to evolve into making our property a sanctuary for meditation and reconnecting with nature.  We added a stone circle and repaired our 150 year old barn for that purpose. 
Current challenges of your business Our business is very labour intensive. We prune and harvest all the lavender by hand.  We also hand make our products.  There isn’t a more efficient way to scale up.  

Plus this is our home so we don’t really want to have large crowds. I was taught as an entrepreneur that I should be always increasing sales and profit but there is a limit to what is possible with a cottage industry.    

Any other comments? We love our life on the farm, close to nature, with a 2 acre field of purple in our backyard.  It truly is a paradise. We are the current stewards of this land and want to give others the chance to experience it too.  

Connect & follow Stonewell on social media, you will adore the photography and I'm sure learn quite a lot about lavender farming along the way.


Finally if you are interested in having your business featured on my website, or in any other collaboration opportunities please do not hesitate to reach out WORK WITH ME

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