Business Feature: Trish Scoular

Business Feature: Trish Scoular

Trish Scoular Guiding Hearts

Business Feature: Trish Scoular

Please help me in celebrating business owner, Trish Scoular, founder of Guiding Hearts.  

Trish wears many hats, she is a counsellor, author, artist, empowerment coach and wedding officiant.  At the root of all it is clear that her primary goal is to work with and help others.  Mental health is an important part of overall health and wellness, and when your mental health is suffering, the rest of your life will be too.  At many times in my own life I have tapped into mental health resources and counselling, and will always recommend this to everyone and anyone.  

In addition to her counselling business, Guiding Hearts, Trish is also a published author.  I have included links below to some of her books on Amazon.

Learn more about what Trish offers below:

Business Name Guiding Hearts
Business Owner Name Trish Scoular
Location Abbortsford, British Columbia, Canada


Social Media Links INSTAGRAM
Main contact name Trish Scoular
Email [email protected]
What does your business do?  

What problem does your business solve?  

How did you get started in business?

I am a Clinical Counsellor, Wedding Officiant and Personal Empowerment Coach.

I am a published author and artist plus.

I have a treatment plan that helps people struggling with anxiety and depression that includes interventions and techniques that specifically address depression and for each of the anxiety disorders.  It is important to understand the root cause of any mental health condition that I see with my clients.  My goal is to provide a clear path to reducing symptoms and function better on a day to day basis.



I have always wanted to work as a counsellor and finally pursued that dream in 2011.  I care about people and their mental health which is one of my passions.

Current goals of your business My goals are to grow my business, develop online courses and wellness products.


Resources and Books Written by Trish


Steps to Loving You, Creating Positive Changes

Steps to Loving You, Creating Positive Changes is about teaching people to love themselves first, because we truly can’t love another without doing the work. This is often a difficult thing to do for some people, especially if they have been given distorted messages that have stemmed from childhood, pre-teen years and even adulthood. These are messages that were damaging to our self-esteem from people we trusted and who were at times our peers, our parents and others in authority.



SHINE Volume 3: Inspirational Stories of Choosing Success Over Adversity (SHINE!)

SHINE, Volume 3: Inspirational Stories of Choosing Success Over Adversity features 9 incredibly inspiring authors. The co-authors in Shine, Volume 3 are perfect examples of choosing to be positive in the face of adversity. No matter what life throws at these authors, they have managed to pick themselves up and rise again.


Thank you Trish!

It was a pleasure to learn about your business and prepare this feature for you Trish, thank you so much for the opportunity.  I highly encourage all of my visitors to connect with Trish on her Instagram account.

If you are interested in having a feature created for your business, please CONTACT ME

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