Canadians Treasure The Vote

Canadians Treasure The Vote

Treasure the vote

This is a blog entry about gratitude, freedom and respect. As the Canadian Federal Election on October 21st draws near I am seeing increasing activity on social media that quite frankly disgusts me. The negativity, the vulgar comments, the personal attacks on political candidates discount my hope for the human race.

Come ON people. Please remember how very lucky we are to live in Canada and have a political process that allows us the RIGHT to Vote.

People DIED for this right for us. It was not long ago women were not even permitted to vote. There are countries in the world today where there is no voting. No freedom. No right to choose. We are blessed.

Having healthy, constructive, respectful conversations online about politics is great, it’s awesome, it’s heartwarming. Commenting using personal attacks, vulgar language and disrespecting others, that’s not what being a Canadian is about.

I am so grateful that as a Canadian I have the right to educate myself on the political parties, and on my local representatives and make an informed choice on what I believe is important for my community and my family. And then I get to actually take action on that belief and VOTE.

Just because I am voting for one party and you might be voting for another doesn’t make me judge you or view you in any different light. I love you as my fellow Canadian Citizen and wish the best for you and your family. I do not wish you harm nor do I wish to hurt you in anything that I might say online or offline. I respect your opinion and will listen without judgement. That doesn’t mean I have to agree. That doesn’t mean I will personally attack you. It means that I can offer my opinion in a respectful way, and I can exercise that opinion by casting my ballot.

If our children were talking to others on their social media accounts using some of the words and tactics I’ve seen used on Facebook comments we would be shouting “Online Bullying!” There would be grave concern for the situation. Why then is it in anyway acceptable for grown people to behave this way? It’s not. It is not acceptable. It is embarrassing. It is immature. This is not the example we want to set for our children or show the rest of the world.

Let’s rally together as Canadians and show the rest of the world how politics should be. Respectful. #TreasureTheVote

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