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Starting a new Business Ideas and Steps to take

Podcast: Starting a Business Ideas and Steps to Take

I recently had the pleasure and honour of being a guest on the Podcast, Lead with Relationships.  The host, Brent Johnson and I discussed starting a new business, some ideas and steps to take for new business owners.  We touched on ideas for branding, creating a business and marketing plan, and even defining your ideal…
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Podcast Sarah Clarke

Podcast: Connect Inspire Create

I was honoured to be invited by Carol and Trish to be a guest on their podcast; “Connect. Inspire.  Create” We share conversations for women entrepreneurs from around the globe who appreciate travel, a healthy lifestyle and are eager to learn tools and resources to grow their business and thrive in their lives.  Listen from…
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Podcast: Staying Alive UK

Podcast: Staying Alive UK

Podcast: Staying Alive UK   I met Michael de Groot, founder of the Podcast:  Staying Alive UK, on a Twitter Chat and was honoured when he reached out and asked it I would be a guest.  We have a great chat and I think we both learned from each other.  You can listen here:  …
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From Trauma to Triumph by Sarah Clarke

From Trauma to Triumph

From Trauma to Triumph Writing my story, From Trauma to Triumph. Last summer I attended the Toronto Waterfront Awards where I met a woman that offered me the opportunity to become a published author.  At the time, I was just starting to gain some self esteem and confidence after working with an NLP and business…
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Marketing for non-profit organizations

Fundraising Superheroes Podcast

Fundraising Superheroes Podcast Fundraising Superheroes is a podcast celebrating the every day fundraising superheroes working to make our world a better place. I would like to thank the host, Sabrina Sciscente, for inviting me onto her podcast as a guest to discuss making a non-profit organization stand out online! It was a topic near and dear…
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Dufferin’s Spotlight Podcast

Dufferin’s Spotlight on Business is a local podcast located in Dufferin County featuring local businesses in Orangeville and surrounding area.  Dufferin Media and Josh MacEwen have formed a strategic alliance to work together to better service our local community.  I’m so excited to be working with Josh, as you know I’m very passionate about local…
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10 Important Social Media Trends for 2020

In The Media: Search Engine Journal

In The Media: Search Engine Journal Big thank you to Danny Goodwin from Search Engine Journal for asking me to contribute to this article: 10 Important 2020 Social Media Trends You Need to Know _____________ Sarah Clarke, Media Strategist & Founder, Dufferin Media, believes the consumption of ephemeral content (social media content that is only…
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