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business alliance between dufferin media and snapd dufferin caledon

Business Alliance with Snapd Dufferin Caledon

Press Release: Dufferin Media and Snapd Dufferin Caledon form Strategic Business Alliance Full press release here: What started as some casual conversation over a few cups of coffee quickly clicked into a formal business alliance between Victoria and I. I truly believe that the universe puts people in your path at exactly the right time…
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Sarah Clarke partners with Women's Boss Society

Sarah Clarke Partners with Women Boss Society

I am so excited to make this announcement!!! I have partnered with the founders of the Women Boss Society to help them launch their Members Only Group. The Women Boss Society was founded by two sisters based out of New Zealand who have a passion for business and helping fellow female entrepreneurs. They are recruiting…
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how to get more press using social media

How to Get More Press Coverage Using Social Media

Day #94/365 Daily Tips. Goal Series Article #7/8 How to Get More Press If one of your business goals is to get more press exposure via Media Outlets then using social media strategically can help you achieve these goals. To me – “Media” and “Press” mean any 3rd party outlet that has an audience of…
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public relations tip

PR TIP Always Share your news stories with media!

Public Relations Tip: Always share your news with the media – they can’t cover what they don’t know about! Tip #43 / 365 : Public Relations Tip – If your business or organization has something new or newsworthy be sure to share this information with local media outlets. The media cannot cover what they don’t…
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are press releases still good for SEO

Are Press Releases Still Good for SEO

Are Press Release Still Good for SEO? The importance of using press release as an SEO tool are often questioned as there are plenty of other means to deliver top company news to the reader / subscriber / client such as SMM, Google Business or e-mail newsletter. Press releases are communicative tools that make it…
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