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Google Reviews How to Create a Custom Link

How to Create a Link for your Business to Get more Google Reviews

If one of your goals is to gain more Google Reviews for your business – you are going to love this little trick! Why are Google Reviews so Valuable? Google accounts for 57.5% of all reviews Worldwide.  Reviews are incredibly powerful as part of your Digital Marketing Strategy for many reasons.  Here are just a…
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how to use google alerts for social listening about your business

Social Listening Tip Set up a Google Alert with your Business Name

How to use Google Alerts to Monitor your Business online Social listening is any action where you are monitoring (listening) to what is being said about your business or brand online in situations where you may not be directly tagged.   Social listening can have many benefits to your business by giving you insights into…
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respond to complaints quickly on social media

Respond to Complaints Quickly On Social Media

How Quickly Should you be Responding to Customer Complaints on Social Media? Tip #41 / 365: Respond to Customer Complaints Quickly on Social Media! Unhappy customers that post a complaint on your social media expect to receive a response within 60 minutes! The longer they have to wait, the more unhappy they become. The average…
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Post to Facebook Group about Orangeville Pet Store Goes Viral

A recent post made to a Facebook Group about an Orangeville Pet Store Goes Viral A concerned visitor to an Orangeville pet store snapped some pictures and posted her concerns online to a Facebook Group “Working together to save pets”. The post immediately started getting shared all over Facebook. Furthermore a petition was launched on…
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Social Media Accounts are Business Assets too!
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