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Optimize Your Content So That it is Voice Search Friendly

SEO Tip: Optimize Your Content So That It Is Voice Search Friendly

SEO Tip: Optimize Your Content So That It Is Voice Search Friendly Optimize your content so that it is voice search friendly In today’s fast paced world the function of Voice Search offers convenience and efficiency. It enables the user to work faster, to multi-task and to do so hands-free. The rise of COVID-19 has…
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SEO Tip What is DA Domain Authority and why is it important for SEO

SEO Tip Work to Improve your DA Domain Authority

What is DA Domain Authority and how is it relevant to your Website? Day #34 / 365 Daily Digital Marketing Tips! Today I am exploring more topics that are SEO Related. I have been expanding my knowledge of Search Engine Optimization recently as we have started offering this as a service at Dufferin Media, and…
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are press releases still good for SEO

Are Press Releases Still Good for SEO

Are Press Release Still Good for SEO? The importance of using press release as an SEO tool are often questioned as there are plenty of other means to deliver top company news to the reader / subscriber / client such as SMM, Google Business or e-mail newsletter. Press releases are communicative tools that make it…
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website tip make sure your website is responsive

Website Tip – Make sure your Website is Responsive

  Website Tip Make Sure Your Website is Responsive Is your website mobile friendly?  Is it responsive to various screen sizes, and devices? If not your business may appear outdated and you might be losing out on potential clients and revenue! What is a Responsive Website? A Responsive Website, or a Fully Responsive Website, is…
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Why your business should use Google My Business

Why your business needs to be on Google My Business

How Your Business Will Benefit from Google My Business There are over 63,000 searches processed by Google every SECOND.  How does your business appear on Google?  How does your business appear when you type in your business name?  How does your business appear when you search for specific product / service + town keywords?  i.e.…
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SEO Tip Use Google Search Console to drive more traffic to your website