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How Businesses use twitter successfully

How We Are Using Twitter in 2020 Successfully

Many of the Digital Marketing articles I’ve read recently, especially entering into the new decade that discussed social media trends had experts agreeing that Twitter would be a popular network for businesses to focus on in the new year.  Many are planning to spend more time, energy and money on building their business on Twitter.…
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Digital Marketing Strategies for Holiday Marketing

Actionable Strategies For your Holiday Campaign FREE EBOOK

I’m super excited to announce the release of the collaborative report, spearheaded by Social Pilot “Actionable Strategies for your Holiday Marketing” – directly from industries experts, influencers and agencies. Social Pilot asked me to collaborate with them on this super comprehensive report, and I was very honoured to be included. See below my contribution, and…
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Social Media Trends for 2020

Social Media Trends for 2020 – The Increase of Ephemeral Content

Social Media Trends for 2020 – The Rise of Ephemeral Content THE CONTINUED RISE OF STORIES Now that we are ending the year 2019, and entering into a new decade, many of digital marketers, including myself, are racing to stay on top of trends and try to predict what will be the next big thing.…
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Media Strategy Consulting

Professional Media Strategy Consulting

Business Owners: I’d love to explore how we can accelerate your revenues in 2020!!! To get a better understanding of your goals for 2020, I am offering an in-depth marketing review and media strategy consultation for your business.This includes a full review of all of your online and offline marketing efforts for the past year, and…
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Don't type all in caps

Do Not Type All In Caps

Good morning everyone! I just needed to share this again, and if I have before and I’m repeating myself I’m sorry but this really needs to be said. Please when you are posting on social media DO NOT TYPE ALL IN CAPS! Why typing in all capital letters can have negative impact: TYPING IN ALL…
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social media tip: include a call to action in your post

Social Media Tip: Include a Call to Action

Social Media Tip: Include a Call to Action Good morning and thank you so much for stopping by my website. I love to share knowledge and tips based on my experience in digital marketing and social media marketing. Here is a quick tip that can be very helpful when you are creating sales related content…
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social media tip use geographical hashtags in your posts

Social Media Tip: Use Geographical Hashtags

Social Media Tip: Use Geographical Hashtags in your Content Good morning friends! Thank you for visiting my blog today 🙂 I’m excited to share a quick social media tip with you today that you can implement into your content strategy that will have a great impact. If you are a local business – try to…
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Social Media Tip: Use Emojis to create a poll!

Good morning friends! This blog post is a social media tip inspired by my very creative daughter who is only 11 but is inspiring to become a TikTok legend. I love her ambition! She created a poll using pic collage and turned it into a tik tok video. It is asking her audience to vote…
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be more visable

To Move Your Business Forward you need to be more Visible

To move your business forward be more visable Good morning friends! I have been working with a business coach (can you tell yet?), and I was recently inspired by something she said about being more visible. It was like a lightbulb has gone on inside my brain that reiterates the fact that in order to…
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event marketing tip

Event Marketing Tip: Create a Hashtag for your Event

Event Marketing Tip: Create a Hashtag for your Event Good morning friends! I absolutely love working on events! Especially non-profit fundraising style events, however really any event is pretty exciting don’t you agree? It’s also a TON of work, and the marketing behind it needs to be done strategically and effectively to get those people…
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