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social media tip be authentic

Social Media Tip: Be Authentic

Social Media Tip: Be Authentic Good morning friends! Today is Monday September 23rd and the first day of Autumn. I LOVE Fall! The cooler air, warm sweaters, fuzzy socks, pumpkin spice muffins from Tim Hortons! One of my goals this fall is to work on growing my personal brand and social media connections in a…
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trending hashtags

Watch Trending Hashtags

If one of your social media goals is to continually grow and increase your reach and engagement, then keeping an eye on Trending Hashtags would make an excellent addition to your strategy.  Using trending hashtags in the text of your social media text will help your posts get more reach and engagement. First you need…
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fall marketing checklist

September Fall Marketing Check List

I don’t know about you but to me, September always feels like more than just the beginning of a new month. The weather is starting to cool down, the kids are heading back to school, all of the businesses start to gear up for their busy months. There is this renewed sense of energy in…
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social media tip quality over quantity

Quality over Quantity

Social Media Tip: Quality Over Quantity Thank you to Peter Rood from Rood’s Media for suggesting the topic for this blog post: Quality over Quantity in social media and digital marketing. If one of your goals is to connect with genuine social media users that are engaging and will interact with your content, then I…
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know your audience

Identify Your Audience

Social Media Tip: Identify Your Audience As part of a strategy session I had yesterday with a non-profit organization we had lengthy discussions about WHO they were trying to target with their messaging. It reminded me how important it is to clearly identify your audience before you implement any sort of marketing campaigns. My 3…
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social media tip use a program such as hootsuite to schedule posts

Use a Program to Schedule your Social Media Posts in Advance

Social Media Tip: Use a program to schedule social media posts in advance It can be difficult to stay organized and stay on top of posting consistently to all of the social media programs. To make it easier to stay organized, and consistent I suggest using a program such as Hootsuite to schedule your social…
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free social media content calendar template

Free Social Media Content Calendar Template

Social Media Tip: Use a Social Media Content Calendar If you are trying to manage posting to social media on your own it can seem very overwhelming to keep caught up with coming up with content ideas, preparing the content and scheduling the content. Trust me – I KNOW! One of the secrets for my…
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create your own gifs for engaging content

Social Media Tip: Create GIFs to Increase Engagement

Here is a fun and easy to implement social media content creation tip: create your own GIF or mini animation files to increase engagement! If adding video into your social media content is one of your goals this year, as it is for me, then I suggest you can use GIF files to dip your…
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top 10 benefits of using Twitter for your buisiness

Top 10 Benefits of Using Twitter for Your Business

Top 10 Benefits of using Twitter for your Business Increase brand awareness Build a targeted audience Interactive and engaging Drive traffic to your website Reach a large audience Real time intelegence Good for News and PR Good for SEO Build strong relationships I’ll be completely honest. Twitter is my #1 favourite social media platform to…
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Instagram Tips for Quick Growth

Instagram Tips for Quick Growth

Is one of your goals to grow your Instagram Account and generate results from this very interactive platform? You are not alone! Here a few Instagram Tips that I’ve been using, hope you find this helpful. Post on Instagram 1-2 times per day This is the agreed optimum number of times to post a day…
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