Content Tip for Social Media

Content Tip for Social Media

social media content tip share trivia

Content Tip for Social Media: Share Trivia!

social media content tip share trivia

Day#131/365 Daily Tips: Share Trivia! What a fun and interesting way to engage with your audience. This social media tip is inspired by our huddle at the Orangeville Food Bank where sometimes we have “Trivia Tuesday”. Many of the Tuesday volunteers are retired teachers so they often come up with great trivia that stumps us all! So why not use this in your social media content?

It is human nature to be challenged by knowledge and by being right! Trivia is the perfect way to challenge your audience and have some fun.

Highly suggest you select or source trivia that relates to your business, your industry, and your target audience.

So can you guess what percentage of owners research potential employees on Social Media first?

The answer is a whopping 80%!!! So if you are currently in the job search market – beware of what you might be showing on your personal social media profiles or pages. Even content you think might be private in fact might not be.

Employers beware – it is legal to search out public information on a potential candidate but it might be illegal to discriminate against someone based on their social media channels.


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