Customer Service Tip: Use Positive Phrases

Customer Service Tip: Use Positive Phrases

Use Positive Words and Phrases

Customer Service Tip:  Use Positive Phrases

Customer Service Tip: Use Positive Phrases.  Recently I came across an awesome list of positive words and phrases that I felt would be great to share. I hope you find this helpful as I feel this can be applied to customer service, social media, and in our daily interactions with everyone!

What is Customer Service?

Customer service is the provision of service to customers before, during, and after a purchase. This makes it an important part on the value chain of clients. Each industry requires different levels of customer service, but at the end, the idea of a well performed service is that of increasing revenues.  Source – Wikipedia

Having a high level of customer service at all levels of your business is critical in todays fast paced world.  Customers have higher expectations and there is more competition than ever.  You can strategically train your team and be not just good at customer service but be GREAT!  Offer fast response times, go above and beyond expectations and maximize customer loyalty.  One way you can assist this strategy is to continually focus on the positive, instead of the negative.

Here are 9 Positive Phrases to use in Customer Service 

  • It’s my pleasure
  • Thanks for choosing us
  • I’ll find you a solution
  • What’s most convenient for you
  • You made my day
  • I’m on it
  • I really appreciate your feedback
  • I would be happy to
  • I completely understand

There is power in positivity! If you are in any sort of customer service position you will be able to relate to how a customer will react if you use negative words vs positive ones. I can apply this to words that I use in my home, and as well on social media. People react with positivity when you share positivity with them.

Here is another list I came across of 50 positive words – save this for the next time you are working on social media text and consider using some of these powerhouse words of positivity and see what the results are!

50 positive words you can use in social media

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