Defining Your Business Brand

Defining Your Business Brand

how to define your business brand

How To Define Your Business Brand

What is your Business BRAND?

The concept of branding applies too all businesses big and small.  As a business owner, you might be curious how to define your business brand.  Below I explore defining the sections of your business that all add up to establish your BRAND.  This is a fairly detailed article which is an excerpt from an ebook I have yet to publish geared towards Real Estate Agents.  You can apply the concepts below to any business model. 


BRAND – What does that word even mean?  – excerpt from an article from Forbes Magazine:

Put simply, your “brand” is what your prospect thinks of when he or she hears your brand name.  It’s everything the public thinks it knows about your name brand offering—both factual (e.g. It comes in a robin’s-egg-blue box), and emotional (e.g. It’s romantic).  Your brand name exists objectively; people can see it. It’s fixed. But your brand exists only in someone’s mind.


What is your business NAME?

Most Real Estate Agents use their NAME as their Business name – unless you are working on a team. It is important to have a business name that is easy to identify and market on all channels – and for potential clients to remember so they can find your contact information quickly.  One of the biggest mistakes I see Real Estate agents making is name confusion. Establish your “business” name and stick to it – so a potential client has absolutely no problem finding you.



My Name – Professional Real Estate Agent

My Name – My Town  i.e. Sarah Clarke – Orangeville Real Estate

Team Name i.e. “The Clarke Team”


***tip do not use the name of the broker firm in your business name just in case you decide down the road to move brokers – just sharing this based on experience***


What is your LOGO

Having a professional HEADSHOT is critical – but is it your logo?  Or do you have a professionally designed logo?

Successful real estate agents in our local market often have a gimic that includes their photo.  Its branding for their image. A funky pair of glasses. A hat. Or dressed super professional in a suit.  Or opposite – casual. Now is the time to decide – how will you be recognized visually. This “logo” will appear on your website, your social media, your print media your business cards your signage.  

My suggestion is it is MORE than just a headshot, because that is what every other real estate agent does.  STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD.

What is your COLOUR scheme

Pick colours that work with your logo and the rest of your branding definition.

Here is a great graphic showing the emotion behind major labels logo & colour scheme:

Make sure you record the HEX colour codes – you will provide this to any graphic designer working on images for your business.


WHO is your ideal client?

If you are like most agents I speak to they say they don’t care who their clients are they just want to accomplish the end goal of closing a deal and earning the commission.  To have a successful marketing strategy it is key to define who your ideal client is.

  • First time buyer
  • Commercial real estate investor
  • Empty nester / downsizing
  • Families
  • Rural / farm properties
  • Higher income properties
  • Rental properties


Creating a NICHE for your brand and your marketing will get you closer to success much faster.  It gives focus and clarity to all of your marketing efforts.




What is a Mission Statement

A mission statement is a short statement of an organization’s purpose, identifying the scope of its operations: what kind of product or service it provides, its primary customers or market, and its geographical region of operation. Wikipedia


Your Mission Statement for your Real Estate business should explain to potential clients who you are, what you offer and why they should use you.  A mission statement should be clear, focused and useful.


Example of a Real Estate Mission Statement:

Mission Statement

To make the buying and selling of real estate as cost effective as possible while maintaining the highest level of service. * To provide accurate and up-to-date information, skilled analysis and sound real estate advice. * To continually explore new ideas and technology, to make the selling and buying of real estate faster, less costly, and easier.


What is your TAGLINE

a tagline is a short text which serves to clarify a thought for, or is designed with a form of, dramatic effect. Many tagline slogans are reiterated phrases associated with an individual, social group, or product. Wikipedia

Your tagline will appear on all of your marketing material and may even become part of your identity.  A tagline is short and will be easy to remember. It may tie in directly to your target market & other strategy points.


Your tagline can also become a #hashtag used in your social media strategy


Here are some examples:

  • The Agent That Works Harder After The Closing Papers Are Signed.
  • Your Local Expert.
  • Your referral is the best compliment I can earn!
  • I’m never too busy for your referrals.
  • A Tradition Of [Excellence, Trust, Service]
  • A Cut Above The Rest.
  • Selling San Diego.
  • Proudly serving first time home buyers since 2015!


What are your company VALUES


Company values give your marketing & business direction & focus and help answer questions as they come along each day.  For example if one of your company values is HONEST you will strive to always and only abide by decisions that are completely honest by nature.


Here is a complete & comprehensive list – you can choose as many as you see fit for your business.  I suggest 10.


What is your TONE(serious/funny/helpful/professional/emotional)


Once you define the tone of your business you also define the tone of the content you will be sharing across your social media channels and how you will behave in the public eye.  Especially for a real estate agent selecting ONE tone and sticking to it will help you in your journey to success. Are you casual, laid back, jean wearing, proud tattoo collector?  Or is your tone ultra professional, knowledgeable serious. Or are you family oriented – calm, compassionate, caring, emotional, helpful.

SEE how this can benefit your “BRAND” and flow through to all of your marketing efforts?

If you choose a serious/professional tone for your business then you certainly would NOT post a joke of the week to your social media account.  


In summary you may hear the word “branding” and get annoyed with just another Buzzword – but the reality is that the exercise of clearly defining your brand can benefit your business in so many positive ways, it is well worth the effort. – Sarah Clarke

If you are interested in more help with Branding for your business, you might benefit from my Branding Guide.


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